5 Things You’ll Find at a Shared Office Space That You Won’t Find at a Traditional Office Space

shared office space
You get to meet a lot of different people in a shared office space

There are some things you’ll always find in any shared office space in hundreds of locations throughout the world. 

Every place is thoughtfully designed to adapt to the way people actually work, from fast Internet to a mix of private and open quarters, so they’re happier and more productive.

Shared office spaces or coworking spaces are meant to let people perform their best work while also allowing businesses to be as flexible as they want to be. Looking to establish a presence in a major market? Are you forming a new team and need some space? Shared office spaces give employees even more flexibility by allowing them to work from any location. 

Shared office spaces provide many of the same benefits as a regular workplace, and a lot more. The key differentiator is the flexibility it provides because you don’t have to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space.

Here are the aspects you and your team will enjoy in every shared office space that you will never find at any traditional office space.

1. Tech that works for you

shared office space
Shared office spaces are equipped with the technology and equipment you need

Workplaces run more smoothly when workers have access to technology that assists them in completing their tasks. A digital check-in system that registers visitors with the touch of a button, conference rooms that can be booked online, and videoconferencing software in many rooms are all available in shared office spaces. All of this is supported by a consistently fast and dependable Internet connection. Additional technological service bundles enable enterprises to tailor solutions to their own requirements.

Your monthly price usually includes access to conference rooms and equipment, refreshment stations, internet, printers, copiers, and fax machines. Furthermore, you will not be responsible for your own office furniture.

2. Intuitive design

coworking space for rent
Comfortable lounge areas and hang out places where teams can collaborate

Every shared office space usually includes green plants, natural light, a variety of open areas, and quiet desks. These details not only help people work more productively, but they also help them love their work: Light in the workplace has been shown to boost focus, and plants in the office have been shown to lower stress and negative feelings.

Shared office facilities are designed to encourage workplace connections and build a feeling of community. Shared offices rely on these aspects to create a sense of community, which makes individuals happier and more engaged at work.

3. Conference rooms

shared office space
A shared office space is not complete without a conference room

A shared office space is not complete without conference rooms. Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or a remote employee, you will need a conference or meeting room for video conferences, one-on-one meetings, or interviews. Conference rooms can also be used for brainstorming or team collaborations. 

Not all conference rooms, however, are created equal. Some coworking spaces use data on how people really work to design functioning rooms that members can readily rent online. Different-sized conference rooms are available to meet the demands of different teams. You won’t feel trapped or tucked into a corner because of the glass enclosures that let in light. Many rooms have video conferencing equipment that allows you to share your screen, conduct presentations, and collaborate with colleagues in different time zones.

4. Bean bags and sofas

shared office space
Bean bags and sofa lets you relax and be comfortable when working

Curl up in a bean bag in the corner of the office when work gets too much and you simply need a 15-minute power nap. You’re not slacking off; you’re mentally preparing for the torrent of work that awaits you later in the day.

Or you can slouch on the sofa if you want to feel like working from the comfort of your own living room, with your laptop propped up on your knees. Most co-working facilities have alternative workplaces, such as sofas, bean bags, and soft chairs, where you may take a break from your desk.


capital factory coworking spaces in austin
Capital Factory Coworking Space in Austin, TX

5. Lots of people to meet

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a shared office space is the business community. Each member joins a wider community of lawyers, marketers, accountants, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and students. At networking events, happy hours, and lunch and learns, you can meet other tenants. Your next intern, business partner, or customer might be only down the hall from your personal office.

Whether you’re a digital publisher, a creative freelancer, a programmer, or a jack-of-all-trades, there’s a good chance you’ll meet individuals who are working on comparable projects at a coworking space. Furthermore, you may have the opportunity to speak with people who may assist you in areas where you are weak. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have so many people in one place, all with different talents – even if they’re all doing their own thing.


Shared office spaces are a novel method to conduct business in the twenty-first century. They’re more adaptable, configurable, and cost-effective than even the most spacious traditional offices. Instead of maintaining an old and cramped workplace, firms can concentrate on their core competencies by using shared office spaces.

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