As more and more businesses and individuals realise that they can work remotely, they’re in an enviable position of being able to choose where to work. Some workers have gone to the extent of moving to another country, like Australia. Australia is now one of the most favoured places to work remotely, and most co-working spaces are located in its capital. So if you’re a solopreneur, small business owner or freelancer and choose Australia as your base, you’ll be pleased to know you can find some of the best co-working spaces in Sydney. Here are some you might want to consider:

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WeWork Sydney

WeWork is considered one of the largest and most prominent names in coworking spaces. This coworking giant started out in 2008 at a small location in the Soho district of New York, then rapidly expanded to different parts of the city. Soon afterwards, the company branched out into international locations that include WeWork Sydney.

Why consider WeWork Sydney?

WeWork’s customers or “members” as the company calls them, were consistently pleased with the quality service and the unique community atmosphere it provides. Some coworking industry insiders may tell you that their brand recognition is partly due to their colourful history. But don’t worry, WeWork is on a more stable footing with new management, and WeWork is projecting a profit sometime this year. Thanks to the pandemic, branches like WeWork Sydney have seen Citigroup, Mastercard and Microsoft snap up hot desks and office space to allow employees to have a hybrid work setup. Apart from the common features of WeWork Sydney CBD like sprawling spaces, opportunities to network with other startups, their free beer on Fridays can be a huge draw. With branches in many capital cities like Buenos Aires in Argentina to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, WeWork is still one of the best coworking spaces.  

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Regus Sydney

Touted as the “original” flexible space provider, Regus was founded by Mr. Mark Dixon in Brussels in 1989. Regus is probably WeWork’s biggest and closest rival and it purchased another coworking space provider, Spaces, in 2015 to expand its footprint. Regus now has 3,000 locations in 900 cities worldwide including Regus Sydney, with nearly 930,000 square metres of space to lease.

Why Consider Regus Sydney?

Regus is the more utilitarian flexible coworking space provider. Regus Sydney is perfect for those who want the option of a formal office experience where privacy is a priority. At Regus, you can expect to have all the necessities to run your business, like a shared executive assistant, shared conference room, a private office space, water cooler and coffee maker – no more, no less. A membership at Regus offers great functionality and modularity for your business; you can plug in your laptop and have your own telephone answering service that goes with you to any of the Regus locations. You can choose from a private office or a shared open-plan setup. It’s perfect for the pragmatic businessman, solopreneur or freelancer that’s established and simply wants to work – without the distraction of social gatherings.

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Servcorp Sydney

Among the big names in flexible workspace providers, Servcorp stands out as one of the few coworking spaces that were put up before the 1980s. Now a living legend in real estate, Australian entrepreneur Mr Alfred “Alf” Moufarrige unknowingly began Servcorp in 1976. He rented office space, hired a secretary and a team, but realised two years later that his office space was too large and ate much of his profits. To save costs, he took a piece of chalk to partition the space, and that was the beginning of Servcorp. Servcorp began as 2 floors and soon had another location in Melbourne. 

Why Consider Servcorp Sydney?

Servcorp advertises itself as “The World’s Finest Serviced Offices” and they mean to live up to that motto. You may notice that each Servcorp office, including Servcorp Sydney is fronted with an elegant but understated reception area. Every location boasts of a resplendent view and high-quality amenities to help you project and maintain an image of professionalism and stability. They have bilingual assistants, receptionists and a robust team of IT experts to handle your communication needs.

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JustCo Sydney

JustCo is probably one of the newest players in the coworking space industry. Established by Mr Kong Wang Sing and two partners in 2011, JustCo is a Singaporean company with 40 locations in 9 cities. This venture began with the aim of providing co-working spaces to Singaporean businesses and startups, which then led to expansion in all major Asian cities, then on to Australia. Their claim to fame is a novel concept of charging a by-the-minute rate for the use of their space. 

Why Consider JustCo Sydney?

JustCo may be the newest player, but they’re not new to the coworking industry. You can expect a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that appeals to young entrepreneurs and tech-savvy creatives alike. They offer cleverly designed spaces that are innovative, stylish and functional. A lot of thought goes into their space planning to maximise every square metre and they pride themselves in using ergonomic furniture. If you want to connect to businesses and entrepreneurs across Asia, JustCo Sydney can be a good place to start. 



These are only some of the best coworking spaces available in Australia and note that “best” can be subjective. What may be the best for one startup, freelancer or entrepreneur may not be the best for another. The key to finding the right coworking space for you is to consider your needs, budget and desired location then find the one that matches them. If you want the best possible coworking space or need to find cheap coworking spaces in Sydney, contact us

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