How many coworking spaces are in Austin?


Austin is seeing a huge influx of new residents as more and more enterprises and large companies move into the area. 

Corporations like Google and IBM now have headquarters in Austin which brings in a more and more ambitious and lucrative workforce and continues to encourage a new wave of Silicon Valley businesses to make the move.

So, it makes sense that new coworking spaces in Austin would be popping up all the time to meet the demand for suitable remote work and freelancer workspaces. 

As for how many coworking spaces there are in Austin, the number continuously changes and it’s almost impossible to pin down a figure. 

According to some estimates, there are around 50 coworking spaces in Austin in 2021. But, we’re expecting to see that number grow as the city continues to expand.

Here, we’re sharing a few coworking spaces in Austin that have multiple locations in the city. So, if you need a flexible, convenient workspace on the go, anywhere in Austin, these are the spots to check out.


regus coworking space

Regus has 14 office locations in Austin.

Regus is a coworking space that offers office space for rent all around the world. It’s one of the largest providers of coworking space in the world and the largest provider of coworking space Austin-wide with 14 locations in the Texas town.

When you work from a Regus location, you’ll have access to Hot Desks, Private Offices, and Meeting Rooms, all within a communal yet professional environment. 

While Regus isn’t necessarily the trendiest place to work as some entrepreneurs and freelancers prefer, it’s certainly a top-notch coworking space in Austin that’s perfect when you’re never in the same corner of Austin two days in a row.

With more locations in Austin than any other coworking space brand, Regus is, without a doubt, one of the best coworking spaces in Austin.


coworking space austin wework (1)

WeWork has 7 locations in Austin.

If you know a thing or two about coworking spaces, then you’ve definitely heard of WeWork. There are seven WeWork locations across Austin and with tons of features and amenities, you’re bound to have a positive experience there.

Each WeWork coworking space in Austin will have different availability, pricing, and amenities, so you’ll want to check out your options before you ultimately decide on the workspace you go with, but all in all, WeWork has things pretty much down to a science. 

A bit more trendy than other coworking spaces you’ll find in Austin as well, WeWork has stunning interiors in some of the best locations throughout the city. For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even large teams, WeWork is definitely a top coworking space in Austin.



Industrious has 3 locations in Austin.

Industrious is another massive coworking brand with hundreds of locations all over the world. As a coworking space in Austin, they offer three locations and high-quality features. 

Designer interiors, full-equipped workplaces, and access to a like-minded community are what’s offered at Industrious as well as unique amenities like wellness rooms and daily breakfast available, there’s not much more you could want from a coworking space in Austin.

While Industrious doesn’t have as many locations throughout the city, it’s still a valuable option for Austinites who need a few places to get to work around town.

Common Desk

common desk coworking space austin (1)

Common Desk has 3 office locations in Austin.

With various locations throughout Texas and a few scattered in North Carolina, Common Desk has three locations in Austin and is a local favorite. 

Blending a welcoming experience with a productivity-boosting vibe, Common Desk is a community-centric coworking space in Austin that offers a high-quality experience with a small-town feel. 

While Common Desk isn’t as big a brand as Regus or WeWork, it still has the benefits of a larger company, offering amenities like wellness rooms and endless coffee to everyone who works at a Common Desk location.

Ideal for remote workers on their own or small businesses with a humble team, Common Desk is an amazing coworking space in Austin that won’t disappoint.

austin texas coworking spaces

As Austin continues to grow and its workforce moves more towards the world of tech and remote work, we can expect to see more and more coworking spaces pop up around the city to meet this demand. 

Want to know more about coworking space Austin-wide? Check out our list of the top 8 coworking spaces in Austin for 2021.

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