How Serviced Offices Offer Greater Flexibility for Businesses

Serviced offices for businesses

Many businesses are rethinking how they use their office space as a result of the increased adoption and acceptance of remote working in 2020. Employees’ work and collaboration styles have surely changed as a result of this. The serviced office has developed to meet modern business requirements while putting the health and safety of its tenants and visitors first.

Larger corporations, such as Amazon and Microsoft, are turning to serviced offices and flexible workspace solutions rather than long-term leases to accommodate their rapid growth ambitions. To meet employee demand, 75% of the FTSE 100 currently have flexible workplace options in their portfolio.

Serviced workspace has been around for decades, providing flexible and accessible options to the global workforce. It can allow a number of work arrangements, such as hybrid working or full-time in-office, thanks to its adaptability. Its scalability also allows for the right-sizing of an office to reflect new realities while still offering the required facilities and professional business services, such as a registered company address.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is comparable to a regular office or office building, except that it is completely furnished, fully equipped, and managed by a company that can rent individual rooms or floors to other businesses. A business center, executive suite, or shared office are all terms that have been used to describe them.

How do serviced offices work?

What makes serviced offices popular

Serviced office management companies are in charge of maintaining the facilities and welcoming enterprises. Spaces can be arranged for the optimum outcomes, whether a single office is required or nearby offices are joined for a larger number of employees. This form of flexible workspace is part of a global trend as companies seek more flexible options to lease office space.

The property manager’s services and amenities will vary, but they commonly include:

  • Furniture such as desks, chairs, whiteboards, coat racks, or lights
  • Front desk or receptionist 
  • Conference/meeting room 
  • Telecom services with dedicated phones, televisions, or webcams
  • Administrative assistance, including printing, faxing, and mail delivery
  • Access to the internet  
  • Fridges, coffee makers, and dinnerware in kitchens/kitchenettes
  • Air conditioning and heating 
  • Cleaning services

Flexibility Options Offered by Serviced Offices

serviced offices
Serviced offices provide businesses with flexibility options

Serviced offices are a lower-risk choice because they do not require the capital outlay of a traditional lease. They also enable businesses to use workspaces in hybrid locations, resulting in a more productive and collaborative working environment as well as more employee convenience.

The flexibility of lease length, location, and design allows firms to develop and adapt through various flexible work arrangements — a need which has been highlighted by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses are now investing in options to facilitate long-term remote working with workers who work from home. Because of the epidemic and the resulting shift in employee expectations, businesses are turning to flexible office solutions, such as serviced office spaces focused on flexibility and agile remote working.

Here are some of the ways serviced offices offer greater flexibility for businesses: 

serviced office and coworking space
Serviced offices allow businesses to expand or downsize as needed

1. Choose where you want to be

Location is critical when looking for the perfect workspace for your business, whether it’s closeness to transportation networks and essential clients, or having an address in a well-respected neighborhood in your industry. Serviced offices may be available in most major cities across the world, providing you a wide choice of options for where you want to set up shop.

These offices are frequently found in the heart of a city’s commercial or financial area. Access to restaurants, services, and financial institutions are just a few of the advantages of having a downtown business office. Aside from convenience, having a company address in the city provides competitive advantages for business growth. 

If you don’t find the excitement of the city enticing, you can choose a secluded location where your business can operate in peace and quiet. 

2. Flexible lease contracts

Businesses who sign up for a serviced office aren’t bound by a traditional lease agreement. The terms of serviced office leases are flexible, and many spaces offer contracts as short as one month. These offices are an excellent alternative to regular office spaces for businesses that need to change locations frequently or for those who want to be flexible and work in a facility that may expand or contract on short notice, depending on their needs.

3. Quick office space solution

Serviced offices are ready for immediate occupation because they feature everything you need for your business. You may move in on the day you sign the contract. If you require additional services after you have moved in, a variety of pay-as-you-go options, such as secretarial help, are available.

4. Pay-as-you-go equipment and facilities

If your company rarely uses conference equipment or printing supplies, the money you’d spend on them could be better spent elsewhere. Fortunately, businesses in a serviced office just need to pay for each use or hour of use of the equipment or facility. Leasing a serviced office can result in significant cost savings by reducing facility overhead and equipment investments.

5. Flexibility to change and grow

Renting a traditional office space is a risk for any company looking to expand. There are no promises that they will be able to grow into the area or that they will not outgrow it shortly. Choosing a bigger space, on the other hand, is a long-term commitment, since most leases are for three to ten years. Choosing a serviced office provides businesses with a flexible office space solution that is tailored to their particular needs, while also allowing them to grow into bigger spaces as their company expands.

Your business does not need to be locked into a long-term contract because contracts are accessible on a month-to-month basis. Serviced offices allow you to expand, downsize, or even change your workplace based on your changing business needs with as little as one month’s notice. 

Flexibility, not just in physical office space and office design but in contracts and locations as well, helps businesses become more agile. And this is what serviced offices offer. Above all, the true benefit of a serviced office space is that it allows businesses and companies to expand or contract on their own terms and in the space that is best for them. Serviced office space is an innovative office space solution that will aid firms in their growth and agility.

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