Top 5 Shared Office Spaces in Austin

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Because Austin has become such a hub for startups and entrepreneurs, coworking has grown in popularity among the business community. Companies that offer coworking spaces for their smaller teams and remote workers have successfully avoided Austin’s rising commercial real estate prices. It’s a cool idea that’s gaining traction as businesses look for alternatives to renting out entire buildings.

There are so many great places to visit these days, so here is a list of some of our favorites.

1. WeWork Austin

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WeWork has 5 locations in almost every part of Austin, so there is bound to be one near you. WeWork’s biggest advantage is that you can co-work in any of their 500+ offices in 100+ cities around the world.

WeWork also does an excellent job of fostering a sense of community among its members by hosting a variety of events and workshops that allow members to network with others in the industry.

A hot desk costs $375 – $390, a dedicated desk costs $450 – 600, and private office space costs $740 – $1050.

2. Industrious 

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Industrious, housed in a brand new building at 201 W 5th St 11th Floor, is located in the heart of Austin with its incredible coworking space. The building is home to a diverse range of businesses and individuals, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups. Everyone will find something to their liking. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, perhaps natural light illuminates this space. If you enjoy working in such prestigious locations, there are office suites, private offices, canvas, and dedicated desks available, all with best-in-class infrastructure. Membership plans are available to allow you to work in your own private offices while only paying for the days you work. 

Above all, working at Industrious gives you access to local treats served at an in-house cafe, as well as a private mother’s space, common areas, private offices, and much more. Canvas also allows you to customize your dedicated workspaces based on your work style.

Sign up, pick your favorite workspace, and get to work. The prices will be revealed later. Access and Virtual Memberships are available at over 100 Industrious locations across the country.

3. VUKA Coworking Austin

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VUKA is a reputable name in the event management and coworking industries. VUKA is trusted by many for the best in business services and amenities. It is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization that collaborates with social impact and nonprofit organizations. It provides Autin-based startups with subsidized meetings, events, and coworking space. VUKA coworking spaces, which opened in 2012, are part of Impact Hub, a global network of over 100 locations, 50 countries, and 11,000 members that focuses on nurturing and developing entrepreneurial communities to solve problems.

In addition, VUKA makes its programs available to nonprofits, with a focus on culture, business, and leadership. Allies Against Slavery, Project Schoolhouse, Recovery People, the Nature Conservancy, and Habitat for Humanity are just a few of the well-known organizations with which they have collaborated. Dogs are also welcome!

Purchase a virtual office membership for $75 per month. Take advantage of part-time access for three days per week for $200 per month. Full-time membership costs $300 per month, dedicated desks cost $500 per month, and private offices vary depending on your needs.

4. Capital Factory

Capital Factory USA - 701-Brazos-St-Capital-Factory-USA-7870

Capital Factory is one of the most accessible coworking spaces in Austin because it is located right in the heart of the city. You’ve probably heard of it, but not as much as we’re about to tell you. The shared workspaces cover an area of 81000 sq ft. Under the Capital Factory’s roof, you can meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas. 

The location has assisted many startups, at various stages of their journey, in getting off to a good start. And all of this is accompanied by world-class amenities that one can only imagine. There’s also a gym, a VR lab, cold brew and local beer on tap, and a fully stocked kitchen.

5. MELD Coworking

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The MELD coworking space in Austin, housed in a 100-year-old house, is one of the most relaxing offices in Austin. Members can work without interruptions thanks to phone booths, large monitors, and a variety of ergonomic options. MELD has also worked with a number of national and international coworking spaces. These locations are free to visit up to three times per month. 

Furthermore, you are permitted to bring friends and professional colleagues with you on occasion. There is also a pop-up shop. Members and local artists are permitted to sell their wares, with the seller receiving 100% of the proceeds.

A day pass costs $25. Flexible membership costs $180 per month for eight days. A standard remote desk costs $320 per month. A permanent membership costs $400 per month.


As the number of startups and freelancers in Texas grows, so does the number of shared office spaces in Austin.

Austin has a diverse range of coworking spaces that focus not only on shared and private spaces, but also on social and professional events to help individuals advance professionally. These events are carefully planned to help you connect and collaborate with other people who share your interests.

To book a shared office space in Austin, feel free to chat with our experts!

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