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Whether you only need one desk or a whole building, osDORO can help you find an office space in most major cities in the USA. Secure an office space that not only fits your requirements but is also completely flexible and customizable. Search from hundreds of offices throughout the USA or chat with our specialist now to help you find the best office space deal anywhere in the country.

Regus Flexible Office Spaces

Regus is a well-known, highly sought-after provider of shared workspace in the real estate industry. At the heart of its operations are practical solutions and workspace optimization. They have 3000 locations worldwide and are expanding. Its specialty is offering fully serviced offices at various locations. Regus sites offer everything one would require in an office setting.

127 West 30th Street Regus USA 10001

Types of Regus Office Space Solutions

  • Private offices – Regus private office spaces can accommodate any size team and are fully serviced, allowing you to focus on growing your business without distractions. They also include access to meeting rooms, breakout areas, and business lounges.
  • Office Membership – Private offices are available by the day, or you can choose 5, 10, or an unlimited number of days per month. On-demand and fully-serviced offices are available in thousands of locations around the world.
  • Day Offices – Get your own office space in a shared office, available by the hour or the day. It’s got everything you need to get to work, from WiFi to ergonomic furniture.

Our partner, Regus, can accommodate teams of all sizes, providing the opportunity to work in an inspirational atmosphere to concentrate, collaborate, and produce their best work at any fully-serviced private offices, coworking spaces, hot desks, or shared office spaces. With the extra benefit of flexible working, Regus coworking spaces provide the same amenities as conventional or private offices. Regus offices offer WiFi, business technology, printers, receptionists, mail processing, and all of the typical office supplies you would find in a serviced office.

Book an Office Space in New York City

Below is a list of some of our office spaces in NYC that you can book today. If you’re looking for office spaces in other cities, you may search hundreds of offices in the USA or talk to our specialist who can show you all the latest deals from Regus. Feel free to chat with us now for any enquiries! 

Regus Office Spaces NYC

Office AddressMonthly RentalContact
99 Hudson Street$350/desk Get Office Quote
845 Third Avenue$420/desk Get Office Quote
80 Broad Street$320/desk Get Office Quote
600 Third Avenue$420/desk Get Office Quote
590 Madison Avenu$630/desk Get Office Quote
57 West 57th Street $780/desk Get Office Quote
555 Madison Avenue$490/desk Get Office Quote
477 Madison Avenue$750/desk Get Office Quote
445 Park Avenue$810/desk Get Office Quote
424 West 33rd Street$990/desk Get Office Quote

Why choose Regus?

1. Inclusive packages

One of the most appealing aspects of Regus is its all-inclusive pricing. Everything will be included in the package you choose, with no hidden costs at any time. From fully furnished offices to fully loaded infrastructure, one is ready to go and start at any time. It is simply a matter of selecting a space that meets one’s requirements.

2. Flexible office spaces

Regus offers flexible terms. They have provisions for those who want a smaller office space but later want to expand their operations. This company has chosen to provide its users with every type of requirement, from small workspaces to large gatherings and conferences, by equipping a chosen workspace with flexible worthy infrastructure.

3. Short-term office space solutions

People do not always look for a permanent office space. Many people looking for temporary office space to rent are working on specific projects that require a formal space equipped with all office utilities. Regus provides such solutions without requiring long-term commitments.

4. Can accommodate short notices

Regus distinguishes itself by being able to work on short notice. This is consistent with their policy of being available for any type of temporary office. Being bound by three-month notice periods, as is common in many places, can be a burden. This may not work well for small businesses operating on a shoestring budget. They appreciate the option of short notice periods. As a result of the high demand for such spaces, the leasing company has no concerns about desks going empty at any time.

5. Diverse crowd

Coworking spaces were initially popular among sole proprietors and freelancers who did not want to work from home. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, have become a hub for all types of organizations as more businesses embrace flexible working.

Coworking spaces, which are still popular with freelancers, start-ups, and small business owners, are now being used by large corporations looking for cool, practical workspaces without the overhead costs. Many coworking memberships, including Regus, provide access to thousands of offices worldwide, making them an excellent choice for businesses with a global presence or looking to enter new markets.

6. Wide Range of Office Sizes

Regus is known for its flexibility. Taking flexibility to its logical conclusion, they rent out everything from a single desk to enterprise-size offices. There is no restriction on how small a unit or how large an office space one must have in mind in order to get space with them.

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