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Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Sydney

Prepared by OSDORO

Coworking space in Sydney certainly seem to be on the rise. As more Sydney-siders are catching onto the perks of working remotely and the flexibility of freelancing, coworking spaces are expected to only gain popularity.

Coworking spaces are shared offices where you can hire hot desks, office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, and more while sharing amenities like printing facilities, wellness rooms, and storage spaces. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to launch your new business, a small startup with a team of 10 or a freelance graphic designer who hates working from home, there’s a coworking space in Sydney for you.

Here, we’re sharing our list of the top 8 coworking spaces in Sydney, a brief price list for each and some of their features and amenities to help you find the best coworking space for you. Let’s get to work!

1. WeWork

wework sydney

WeWork is the OG coworking space that everyone’s heard of and it tops our list as one of the best coworking spaces in Sydney. WeWork has coworking space down to a science and their locations have everything you need from office supplies to amenities.

There are 11 WeWork locations in Sydney that you can choose from and if you opt for a membership at WeWork, you can use any of these locations as you wish — perfect for freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs who take client meetings all over the city.

Plus, WeWork also offers Dedicated Desks, Private Offices and, in some cases, even entire Office Floors. That means that no matter how small or large your team is, you’ll find a place to work at WeWork.

Sydney-siders love WeWork because of all the amenities offered as well. Not only does WeWork have stunning interiors and decor to make you feel like a true boss, but you’ll also have access to the best office amenities.

Features and Amenities:

  • Bike storage
  • Free parking
  • Mother’s rooms
  • Wellness rooms
  • Event space
  • Showers
  • Barista-made coffee
  • Recreational games

WeWork Price List

  • Day passes starting at $45

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  • Dedicated Desk starting at $1000/month

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  • Private Offices starting at $1200/month

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2. Your Desk

your-desk-sydney-coworking-space-nsw (1)

Located in the Sydney CBD near Town Hall, Your Desk is a premium coworking space spanning an impressive six floors across two buildings. 

With everything from Virtual Office Memberships to full-time and part-time Hot Desk options and Private Offices, Your Desk is flexible and well-equipped to help everyone from freelancers to small teams do their best work. 

You’ll have 24/7 secure access, a lockable filing cabinet or office (depending on the membership you choose), and invitations to exclusive Your Desk events. 

Features and Amenities:

  • Conference rooms
  • Phone booths
  • On-site staff
  • Mail reception and delivery to your desk
  • Communal kitchens stocked with boutique wines and craft beers
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Printers and other business services
  • Discounts on local health and fitness services
  • Convenient location near public transport

Another huge perk of working from Your Desk coworking spaces is the flexibility of their contracts. You can opt for a month-to-month contract to give you or your business the ability to scale up or down easily, or you can get a 12-month membership for peace of mind knowing you’ll always have a quality workspace available.

Complete with stunning interiors that will wow your clients and guests, it’s the perfect coworking space in Sydney.

Your Desk Price List

  • Hot desks starting at $350/month

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  • Private Offices starting at $3200/month

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3. Desk Space

Desk Space is not only a premier coworking space in Syndey but is also a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and startups. With a Desk Space membership, you can choose between an Open Plan for Dedicated Desk access, Private Office space or Meeting Room hire.

Members also have access to the Desk Space network and their virtual Slack channel to stay connected even after hours.

Features and Amenities:

  • High-speed, reliable internet
  • Daily cleaning
  • IT support
  • 24/7 secure access
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Office supplies
  • Social events
  • Bike storage
  • Business-class printers
  • Micro-roasted coffee pods
  • Mail and package handling
  • Private phone booths

In short, Desk Space sets itself apart as a hybrid between a Sydney coworking space and an incubator for the best and brightest new ideas. 

Offering a collaborative environment that encourages crossover, Desk Space is particularly suited for entrepreneurs and startups. And while freelancers and remote workers will still find a beautiful coworking space at Desk Space, it’s really all about sharing ideas and making something new.

Desk Space Price List

  • Dedicated Desk starting at $165/week

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  • Private Offices starting at $440/week

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4. Spaces

desk space sydney coworking space (1)

With three locations across Sydney, Spaces is a global coworking brand similar to WeWork that has everything you could want in a shared office space. 

Spaces offers flexible workspace options for freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and more with their range of membership options including Coworking Memberships, Dedicated Desks, Private Offices and Virtual Offices. 

Features and Amenities:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Accessibility for disabled persons
  • Breakout areas
  • High-speed wifi
  • Showers
  • On-site restaurants
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Sandwich bars
  • Outdoor areas
  • 24/7 secure access
  • Networking events
  • Telephone answering services
  • Professional business address
  • Mail handling
  • Catering services for meetings

Not only does Spaces cater to all different kinds of businesses and teams, it also features high-quality office furniture and gorgeous interiors that’ll help you feel like the boss you are while simultaneously impressing guests and clients. 

So, whether you’re seeking investors for your start-up or you want a more professional setting to meet clients instead of your home office, a Spaces coworking space in Sydney might just be the right workspace for you.

Spaces Price List

  • Hot Desks starting at $348/month

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  • Dedicated Desks starting at $1028/month

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  • Private Offices starting at $1080/month

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5. The Office Space

the office coworking sydney nsw

The Office Space is another highly popular coworking space in Sydney. With two locations in Surry Hills amd one location, in particular, comes highly rated. It’s called Paramount and it’s located at the old 1940s Paramount Pictures Australian head office.

Paramount by The Office Space is a luxury coworking space that sets itself apart from others with its premium amenities and exclusive feel. Staying with the film studio vibe, Paramount has a cafe, bar and cinema on-site and a serviced office space like no other. 

The art deco architecture and old Hollywood high-end design won Paramount the 2016 World Architecture award for the Best Office Design in the World. In other words, it’s a gorgeous place to work and is available to anyone in Sydney with a laptop and a dream.

The pinnacle of purpose-driven furnishings and sophisticated style, it’s no wonder that so many Sydney-siders are dying to work from Paramount. 

However, The Office Space does have another location called Reservoir with a more modern approach to coworking space. Still a luxury option, it’s not quite as charming and historic as Paramount but still a sought-after coworking space in Sydney.

All in all, The Office Space with its two locations, Paramount and Reservoir, undoubtedly make our list as some of the absolute best coworking spaces in Sydney.

The Office Space Price List

6. La Porte Space

la porte coworking space nsw sydney (1)

Another luxury coworking space in Sydney is La Porte Space, a multi-functional space that offers not only shared office space, but also event space and photo studio space. 

Stunning in every sense of the word, La Porte Space is completely unique and totally exclusive. With a limited amount of luxury office suites available, this tight-knit offering is truly one of a kind.

Particularly enticing for artists, designers, event planners, personal trainers and other creative freelancers, La Porte Space is a one-stop-shop. Hold exquisite launch events, shoot high-quality photos and videos, teach a class from their wellness studios or host a fashion pop-up in their incredible showroom.

Certainly unique in terms of coworking space in Sydney, La Porte Space is here to serve a smaller niche of creatives who can truly benefit from their offerings. Unlike the WeWorks or Spaces of the world, La Porte Space is unique and not for everyone. 

Still, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, fashion designer, videographer or architect, La Porte Space might certainly be the luxury Sydney coworking space for you.

La Port Spaces Price List

  • Private Office (Enquire for pricing)

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7. The Treehouse at SUNSTUDIOS

treehouse coworking space sydney (1)

The Treehouse at SUNSTUDIOS is a coworking space aimed to support visual creators. This coworking space is community-centric to help creatives connect and grow. With options for both flexible memberships and residential memberships, The Treehouse is a top-rated coworking space in Sydney.

Features and Amenities:

  • Dedicated desk space
  • High-speed internet
  • Dedicated Image Editing Room
  • A lockable under-desk cabinet
  • Secure storage options
  • Printers and printing supplies
  • Gear and studio hire
  • Early bird access to events and workshops
  • Allocated meeting room hours
  • Access to SUNSTUDIOS atrium and cafe

Keep in mind that flexible memberships are also available, although they come with fewer perks and amenities. Still, it’s a wonderful coworking option that many Sydney-siders see the benefit in as you’ll have the flexibility to change and grow with your business.

Additionally, to support member education and collaboration, The Treehouse offers regular educational programming and visual creator events to create an even more community-centric coworking space.

Perfect for creatives, The Treehouse at SUNSTUDIOS is a coworking space in Sydney that you won’t want to miss.

The Treehouse at SUNSTUDIOS Price List

8. Tank Stream Labs

coworking space sydney nsw (1)

With a focus on technology, Tank Stream Labs is a coworking space in Sydney that offers flexible workplace solutions for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and start-ups in the tech space. 

Aiming to build a dynamic community of technology-driven businesses and freelancers, Tank Stream Labs is all about innovation, collaboration, brilliance, excellence and entrepreneurship.

With two locations in Sydney and another in Perth, Tank Stream Labs features open coworking space, meeting rooms for hire and private offices to support both individuals and small teams. 

Each membership option comes with its own set of benefits and perks.

Features and Amenities:

  • 24/7 secure access
  • Barista-made coffee
  • Registered mailing address
  • High-speed internet
  • Professional and personal development events
  • Event space hire
  • Business-class printing stations
  • Dedicated receptions
  • Showers
  • Bike storage
  • On-site bars

Even better, Tank Stream Labs has corporate partnerships with which members can connect. Who knows the types of opportunities you might find by connecting with high-powered corporations on a regular basis!

So, if you’re in the tech industry and you’re looking for coworking space in Sydney, you may find yourself right at home (or should we say, at work) at Tank Stream Labs.

Tank Stream Price List

  • Hot Desks starting at $350/month

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  • Dedicated Desks starting at $550/month

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  • Private Offices (Enquire for pricing)

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9. JustCo

If you are a freelancer or a small company looking for an effective place to work, you have certainly heard of JustCo. JustCo is famous for its friendly and inspiring coworking space with contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities. 

It has 3 locations in Sydney including 175 Pitt Street, 135 King Street, and 60 Margaret Street.

JustCo offers flexible coworking space solutions to suit your requirements from Private Office, Enterprise Office, Hot Desk to Meeeting room and Event Spaces with a capacity of up to 80 people. All of these are specially incorporated to enhance the overall well-being of professionals in the workplace. 

Features and Amenities:

  • Privacy & Security 24/7
  • Conference rooms
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms & coworking spaces
  • Free-flow specialty beverages and healthy snacks
  • Essential office amenities
  • On-site staff
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • Printers and other business services
  • Convenient location near public transport

In addition, JustCo offers a strong selection of Membership Plans and Additional Solutions for all your coworking needs. The JustCo membership plan confers you monthly access to the workspace defined by your membership plan – a Hot Desk, for example. You get to enjoy the use of that workspace during your membership period, as well as all shared amenities within not only your membership ‘home center’, but also all other JustCo centers.

JustCo is the perfect choice for all your Coworking space needs.

JustCo Price List

  • Meeting room starting at $45/haft hour Get Quote
  • Private Office starting at $399/month Get Quote

10. Servcorp

Servcorp is an established coworking space provider with over 150 locations worldwide. In Sydney, the company offers coworking spaces in 10 different locations across the city, focusing on regional NSW.

Servcorp was famous for its glass-walled workspaces offering breathtaking views of Darling Harbour Bridge or panoramic vistas of Sydney from the 30th floor. Renowned for its unique office environment, Servcorp creates a sense of luxury, professionalism, and modernity for its workers.

Features and Amenities:

  • Fully furnished office suite
  • Dedicated receptionist
  • Mail, courier, and visitor handling
  • Access to secretarial services and multilingual personal assistant
  • Fully equipped corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms, and day suites
  • Leading IT technology with secure, fast, fiber Tier 1 managed Internet (99.9% uptime)
  • Access to coworking space for informal meetings or breaks outside your office
  • Leading communications technology including IP phones, free call allowance, voice-to-email, e-fax, sophisticated call-routing
  • Servcorp Home: access to the Servcorp Community, make bookings, manage call transfers, download invoices
  • A magnificent reception with spectacular views
  • Contemporary kitchen with a fully stocked fridge and espresso coffee machine

Servcorp offers all of its customers the first month of coworking space completely free. Help customers experience the services and amenities that Servcorp brings and become long-term customers in the future

Servcorp Price List

  • Private Serviced Offices starting at $2666/month  Get Quote
  • Meeting room starting at $132/hour Get Quote


Most coworking spaces are in Sydney are located in the Sydney CBD or in the suburbs just outside the CBD like Surry Hills. However, it’s likely that coworking spaces will start to pop up more Sydney suburbs outside the city as remote work and freelancing are likely to become more and more popular in Australia.

The world of work was already on the trajectory to move more into the digital space where employees and contractors have an opportunity to work remotely. But thanks to the global pandemic, these work solutions have only become more of the norm.

And with that, coworking spaces are well positioned to take advantage of this influx of workers who need a flexible workspace option that’s affordable and convenient.

After all, not everyone has the desire or space to work from home and coworking spaces are a welcome option to offer individuals a productive, community-centric space to work and collaborate.

The main benefits of using a coworking space that almost everyone can agree upon include convenience, flexibility, networking and cost-effectiveness.
If convenience is important to you, then coworking spaces might be the workplace solution you’ve been looking for.

Not only do they often have multiple locations to choose from but they also usually offer a variety of membership options that fit your schedule with heaps of amenities tho make your workday better.

Whether you need a workspace right in the heart of the Sydney CBD, you travel a lot for work or you simply find yourself working out of cafes throughout the city on breaks between meetings, coworking spaces offer convenient locations to choose from.

Plus, some even have membership options where you can pop in and out as you please with day passes and hot desks.

But, if you do decide to reserve a dedicated desk or private office, you’ll also have access to convenient amenities right at your fingertips. You won’t have to go far for free coffee, private phone booths to make a call, wellness rooms and more.

Long story short, coworking spaces have everything you need in a variety of locations to make your workday as convenient as possible.
Next, coworking spaces are super flexible -- a huge perk in our ever-changing world that requires us to be nimble at all times.

You’ll have access to flexible contract terms so that you can scale your business up or down as needed. Start with a coworking membership and easily upgrade to a private office suite as your team grows. That’s what coworking spaces are all about.

Plus, if you’re a freelancer or digital nomad, you can come only a few days a week or hire a meeting room now and then. In short, you won’t be locked into a contract when you choose the right coworking space in Sydney.
As anyone who’s worked from home can tell you, the community aspect of going to work is worth a lot and something many of us start to miss when we get into freelancing or working remotely. Coworking spaces are the solution.

When you work from a coworking space you have countless opportunities to network, collaborate and socialise in a way that working from home, a cafe or the library doesn’t cultivate. In short, you can have “coworkers” when you work from a coworking space even if you work for yourself or for different companies.

Plus, most coworking spaces offer personal and professional development events, networking sessions and happy hours to further promote connection and community in the digital age.
Last but not least, coworking spaces are extremely cost-effective and affordable. It’s no secret that office space in Sydney is anything but cheap. So, a coworking space allows you to pay for only what you need while still getting a beautiful space in the heart of the CBD.

Instead of renting an entire office or floor, you can hire just a desk and a chair at a coworking space and pay a fraction of the price. Plus, you’re not paying to furnish the office space and all of your business services and amenities come included as a coworking member.

All in all, coworking spaces give you a stunning and affordable workspace by offering shared amenities and countless membership options. And while there are certainly more expensive, luxury coworking spaces in Sydney, most are much more cost-effective than traditional offices.

If you work on a laptop or your job consists mostly of meetings, then you can work from a coworking space. Those who most often use coworking spaces include:

Digital nomads
Remote Workers
Small Businesses

However, at some coworking spaces such as WeWork, even large enterprises can take advantage of all the benefits of using a coworking space. So, remember that with large coworking brands, you can rent private office suites and even full office floors to suit your team of hundreds.

Still, coworking spaces, at this point in time, are used mostly by individuals and small teams but as the future of work continues to evolve, it’s expected that most businesses and companies can easily fit into the shared community of a coworking space.

So, if all you need to do your work is a laptop, a meeting room and a comfortable desk or table, then, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy working from a coworking space near you.

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Millennials value mentorship, effective workplaces, collaboration with peers, and purpose-driven employers. To meet their needs, employers are adopting flexible work conditions and outcome-based approaches. Many businesses are turning to coworking spaces to offer flexibility to their millennial workforce, particularly in light of the global pandemic.

This shift not only accommodates millennials but also addresses the broader demand for flexible work arrangements, driven by factors like work-from-home fatigue and improved work-life balance. Coworking spaces present an affordable option for businesses grappling with rising real estate prices, offering a way to adapt to the evolving work landscape effectively.

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