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Renting a Shared Office Space in the US

Whether you only need a desk and a chair to do your best work or your team needs an upgrade from working out of your basement, shared office space is the best option for businesses of all kinds. From freelancers and digital nomads to tech startups and small businesses, you name it and there’s a shared office space for you. Also known as co-working spaces, there’s countless shared office space for rent all over the US at this very moment. 

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Venture X

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$699 per month
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TKO Suites

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Office Evolution

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Shared Office Spaces You Can Rent Today

Narrowing down a list of the best shared office spaces for rent in the US is tough. Every major city across the country has many incredible coworking spaces, some of which are locally-owned and others that cater toward a specific industry niche.

However, we’ve decided to share the top coworking companies that, across the board, provide a ton of value for individuals and companies all over the country and beyond.

With amazing amenities, hundreds of locations, and a wide range of options for businesses of all kinds, here are our picks for the best shared offices spaces for rent in the US.

980 6th Avenue, Wework USA 10018


You’ve probably heard of WeWork before and it’s for good reason. Although it’s had some issues with its former CEO over the last few years, it’s still an amazing shared office space. After all, it pretty much invented the idea of a coworking space that actually works.

WeWork has a whopping 800+ locations internationally with options to hot desk, reserve a dedicated desk, rent private office space, and you can even reserve an entire office floor for your enterprise at WeWork.

Each location also has its own set of incredible amenities with everything from printers and scanners to fully equipped kitchens and wellness rooms. You’ll have to check with the WeWork in your area to see all the amenities they offer, but in short, you’ll have everything you need to work at your very best.

Office Evolution

Office Evolution stands as a reliable provider of flexible workspace solutions, encompassing a diverse array of choices such as private offices, shared workspaces, and virtual office services. Their core ethos revolves around cultivating a supportive and collaborative community, nurturing an environment where businesses can thrive within a professional yet amicable ambiance. With a nationwide footprint, Office Evolution emerges as a convenient option for professionals in search of flexible workspace solutions spanning multiple locations.

Going beyond the physical workspace, Office Evolution is dedicated to fostering a productive and inclusive environment. They employ a robust digital ecosystem that streamlines communication and collaboration among their members, erasing geographical boundaries. Whether you’re utilizing one of their physical facilities or engaging in virtual interactions, Office Evolution ensures your involvement in a supportive and collaborative community that’s tailored to elevate your professional journey.

Industrious at 1002 Dean Street NYC office, coworking space
Industrious at 1002 Dean St., NYC


Another coworking space with hundreds of locations nationwide is Industrious. They even have a few locations abroad in the UK and Singapore for those who travel. It’s a premium shared office space that’s perfect for all types of businesses whether you’re a freelancer or launching a startup.

Industrious offers private offices, an access membership that allows you to secure private office space only a few days a week, and their most impressive option called Canvas. No matter how you choose to work at Industrious, you’ll have access to amenities such as conference rooms, private phone booths, unlimited coffee, and color printing. It’s an amazing place to work no matter what kind of business you’re working on.


Boasting an impressive 400+ locations worldwide, Spaces is a fantastic shared office space offering coworking memberships, dedicated desks, private offices, and meeting rooms to use however you need them to run your business.

With 24/7 access to the hundreds of Spaces locations across the globe, working at this shared office space is convenient and supports every type of work schedule. 

Its well-crafted design and professional aesthetic gives credibility and flexibility to every business, remote worker, and enterprise. So, no matter what’s on the to-do list, Spaces can help you get there.



Similar to WeWork, Regus also has hundreds of locations worldwide. While Regus definitely offers more of a professional vibe as opposed to the free-spirited startup-type vibe you’ll find at many other shared offices, Regus seems a bit more reserved.

Whether you need a professional office space to scale your business or you need an upgrade from your home office environment, Regus offers flexible solutions for all your shared office space needs.


cmpnd  represents an innovative coworking and innovation hub meticulously crafted for visionary professionals and forward-looking organizations. These dynamic spaces harmoniously amalgamate creativity, technology, and collaborative energy, rendering them ideally suited for startups and technology-driven enterprises. 

Offering entry to a thriving community and state-of-the-art amenities, cmpnd cultivates an inspiring atmosphere, nurturing the very essence of growth and innovation

tko office space usa
TKO Suites

TKO Suites

TKO Suites is a top-tier choice for professionals in search of a dynamic and collaborative workspace. Nestled in the bustling heart of New York City, this coworking hub features cutting-edge facilities, ergonomic workstations, and inspiring communal zones. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or part of a growing team, TKO Suites offers flexible membership plans designed to cater to your specific requirements. With its strategic location and dedication to nurturing innovation, TKO Suites isn’t just a workplace; it’s a thriving community where creativity flourishes

Shift Workspaces

Shift Workspaces is at the forefront of the co-working revolution, committed to introducing inventive, eco-friendly, and community-centric office solutions throughout the United States. Their thoughtfully designed workspaces cater to both creative individuals and businesses, seamlessly blending sustainability with comfort to foster productive collaborations. Shift Workspaces not only values your work-life equilibrium but also champions environmental stewardship, making it the premier destination for those in search of a unique and eco-conscious workspace journey

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  • Regus Offices starting at $899/desk

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  • cmpnd Offices starting at $600/desk

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  • Office Evolution Offices starting at $495/desk

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  • Industrious Offices starting at $812/desk

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  • WeWork Offices starting at $450/desk

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  • TKO Suites starting at $575/desk

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  • Shift Workspaces starting at $499/desk

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Did not find what you’re looking for? Let us know your requirements, and we’ll give you a shortlist of the best shared office space deals. Contact us today!

Remember that there’s no cost for osDORO to search, negotiate, and secure an office space. We’ve teamed up with the biggest office space providers to connect businesses to their perfect home. For any inquiries or requests, feel free to get in touch with us.

Benefits of Getting a Shared Office

Businesswoman Renting Desk in Coworking Center

Shared offices, also known as coworking spaces, offer a ton of amazing benefits for entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, small businesses, startups, and enterprises.

Boasting a variety of office space options, top-tier amenities, flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and community, shared office space is likely the future of work life.

With a coworking membership, you’ll be able to grab a high-quality workspace on a first-come, first-served basis. With a dedicated desk, you’ll have a reserved seat within the open areas. You can also rent your own private office, a private office suite, or in some cases, an entire floor just for your team. You can also rent meeting rooms, event space, and more within a shared office.

Benefits of Shared Office Spaces

Top-Tier Amenities

One of the best parts of working in a shared office is the top-tier amenities they provide. Since you’re sharing the space (and cost) with others, you’ll have the best of the best when it comes to furnishings, interiors, member perks, and supplies.

High-speed wifi, premium printing, fully equipped kitchens, on-site concierge, unlimited coffee and tea, and outdoor spaces are only a few of the amazing amenities that many shared offices have available.


For individuals and businesses who need more flexibility than leasing a traditional office can offer, shared office spaces have a solution.

Most offer flexible plans that go month to month to help your business scale easily and upgrade the size of your office space when you need it or get rid of the expense once you finish a big project.

Plus, with 24/7 access, individuals and teams can work on a schedule that’s right for them, moving beyond the traditional 9 to 5.



Many of the large coworking companies have locations all over the globe offering unmatched convenience and giving you a place to work anytime, anywhere.

When you reserve a desk or secure a private office, you’ll get 24/7 access to any of their shared office locations. So, whether you need to work extra hours on the weekends or you’re traveling and need a high-quality workplace, shared offices offer this kind of convenience.


In a shared office, every member is pitching in. It’s much more cost-effective than leasing your own office space and can give you a lot more bang for your buck.

You won’t be paying for furniture, wifi, printing costs… the list goes on. You’ll only pay for exactly what you use and you’ll get gorgeous interiors, amazing amenities, and the best workplace you’ve ever had.

Your office space will be fully furnished with expertly designed aesthetics. It’ll be like working in your dream office without the huge price tag.


Just because you work alone doesn’t mean you can’t have coworkers. Shared office space offers a community of like-minded individuals and companies with whom you can network, connect, and become friends.

Working remotely or freelancing can get pretty lonely. We all need a bit of socialization now and then. Shared office space gives you the benefits of those classic water cooler chats without having to work for a specific employer or for anyone at all.

Coworking spaces also often offer curated networking sessions, professional development workshops, and social events to help you connect with your community even more. 

So, if you’re lonely working from your home office or you want your team to interact with others, shared offices are the place for you.

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Why osDORO?

By choosing OSDORO, you gain access to an extensive network of premium office spaces, serviced offices, and  coworking spaces, handpicked to meet your specific requirements. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of options, ensuring that you find the perfect workspace that aligns with your company’s culture and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does osDORO work?

    OsDORO is a platform that helps you find and secure office space, including private offices, within coworking spaces across the USA and other regions. Here's how it works:

    1. Let us know your office space needs - Tell us your requirements, and we'll show you the best options available today.

    2. Get an Office Quote: Shortlist your favorite office spaces and we'll get back to you with the pricing deets and any sweet deals they might have.

    3. Book an Office Tour - osDORO can arrange a private office viewing anywhere in the US.

    4. Secure the Office Space - OsDORO makes renting an office space a breeze. We'll handle all the paperwork at no extra cost to you.

  • How much does osDORO charge to book an office space?

    There's no extra cost or hidden fees for osDORO to search, negotiate, and find you the perfect office. 

    We've teamed up with the biggest office space providers to make things easy for our clients.

  • What is a shared office?

    A shared office is a workspace that’s shared by multiple individuals, teams, and companies that are working toward various aims.

    Those who use shared offices (also known as coworking spaces) include entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, startups, small businesses, enterprises, and more.

    When you use a shared office, you’re only leasing the amount of office space you need instead of renting an entire space or building.

  • What are the benefits of using a shared office?

    The main benefits of using a shared office include the variety of office space options available, top-tier amenities included, flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and community-building opportunities.

Choose a Coworking Space in the USA

Promoting Focus and Collaboration: The Role of Coworking Spaces

Coworking space is poised to become the future of the way we work. Everyone should be thinking about what coworking space could do for them. That’s right… it’s no longer only for freelancers and digital nomads. 

Coworking spaces are popping up all over the globe and their offerings range from bustling communities of open coworking space to quiet, niche private offices with shared common areas for the best of both worlds. 

To help you get started, continue reading to learn about the benefits of working at a coworking space and how osDORO makes it easy to find the best coworking space across the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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Industrious at 1002 Dean Street NYC office, coworking space
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