Coworking Space Market Report 2022-2023

Prepared by osDORO

We’ve created a coworking space report that talks about how coworking space has been defined throughout 2022-2023. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the coworking industry in 2022, and what to expect in 2023. Download the latest coworking space market report that our team has spent months working on.

coworking space market report 2022 to 2023 - USA, Australia, and Singapore Coworking Industry Report
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"Due to the pandemic, many people spent much time throughout 2020 and 2021 working from home. In 2022, we surveyed the coworking space market with our coworking space partners and aggregated property data to show the impact of the coworking space market throughout the past 2 years."
—Arthur Truong Co-Founder osDORO

Coworking Industry Report Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Global market overview
    2. Key trends
  2. Factors affecting coworking spaces
    1. Global covid-19 pandemic
    2. WFH fatigue
    3. A rise in remote work
    4. “The Great Resignation”
    5. Push for sustainability
    6. The entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Coworking space supply
    1. Major players
    2. Coworking space market
    3. Industry changes
    4. Coworking space pricing
    5. Virtual work environments
    6. Health and safety
    7. Specialisation
    8. Expanded clientele
    9. Hospitality partnerships
  4. Singapore
    1. Average lease terms
    2. Top coworking space providers
    3. Coworking space locations
    4. Coworking space users
    5. Average desk price
  1. Australia
    1. Average lease terms
    2. Types of businesses using coworking spaces
    3. Preferred office spaces
    4. Average desk price
  2.  US
    1. Average lease terms
    2. Average desk price
  3.  Conclusion
    1. The future of coworking
    2. Specialisation
    3. Health protocols
    4. Technology
    5. Multi-city locations
    6. Improved design
    7. New Amenities
    8. Sustainability
    9. Affordability
    10. Corporate shift
  4. Resources

USA, Australia and Singapore – Coworking Space Market Report