Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Boston

Prepared by OSDORO

Boston is a rising star in the key industries of technology, transportation, and education services. 

Our beloved ‘Beantown’ is rapidly becoming a hub of innovation and education, with investors and start-ups gravitating towards it.  

If you think Boston sounds like the perfect place to grow your business, then you’re not alone. Boston ranks in the top 1% of the most expensive cities worldwide. Put simply, its commercial real estate market is off the charts. 

Coworking spaces are a better way to work smarter, not harder. 

You get what you need when you need it – a desk for the day or an entire floor for your team. Coworking spaces allow you to reap the rewards of an office space without the high costs. 

Does it sound like a dream? Well, they’re all too real and likely just around the corner from you!

Here, we’ll be breaking down the biggest perks and most impressive price lists of the top coworking spaces in Boston.

1. Workbar

coworking space boston

Workbar is a leader in remote and hybrid ways of working. They believe that companies and workers shouldn’t have to choose between working from home and long daily commutes to expensive offices. 

And so their coworking space was born – a place that brings together the best parts of working from home and the office lifestyle. 

Since then, Workbar has expanded to eleven locations across Boston. Now it’s easier than ever to access their high-quality office spaces. 

In fact, they can guarantee that you’ll ‘never be more than 20 minutes from a great place to work in Boston’.

Workbar is the perfect place for freelancers and dedicated teams looking to collaborate and create in a stunning space.

Not to mention, their flexible memberships give you access to great amenities including:

  • High-speed wifi
  • Air-conditioning
  • Break out rooms
  • Reception services

But Workbar is most proud of the welcoming aesthetic of every workspace – each built to ensure natural light, ample airflow, and plenty of friendly faces. 

Their activity-based layout provides workers with a space to focus, connect and collaborate with their team.

And if that team changes, then Workbar is always happy to help. They have a range of flexible membership options so you only pay for what you need today, with room to grow for tomorrow. 

They have office solutions for everyone from part-time freelancers and professionals to dedicated teams of entrepreneurs. 

Workbar Price List

  • Day Passes starting at $49/day

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  • Unlimited Coworking Space at $199/month

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  • Private Offices starting from $399/month

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2. WeWork

wework boston

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most iconic coworking pioneer, WeWork. 

Though it’s struggled a little these last few years, WeWork has well and truly established itself as an industry leader. 

It boasts nine buildings featuring coworking spaces in Boston alone, making it one of the most accessible coworking companies in the city. 

This is a big bonus as it’s easier than ever to pop in for some quick work.

With locations strategically throughout the Boston Financial Sector and more, you’ll gain unparalleled access to unique business networking opportunities.

Not only that, but WeWork comes packed with all the coworking amenities you’d expect from the company that basically invented the concept:

  • Free-flowing coffee
  • Available showers
  • Community meals
  • Business class printers
  • Phone booths
  • Meeting rooms

They offer a full range of coworking solutions tailored to you and your business. Hot desks for some quick work, dedicated desks for a routine, private offices, and full floor spaces. 

But their biggest selling feature is their convenience. Commuting is a breeze, with the Boston Subway right around the corner and buses within walking distance to all locations.

WeWork has a place for you, whether you hire a hot desk for the hour or join as a monthly member. 

You set the schedule and WeWork will provide an impressive coworking space in Boston to help fulfill all your hybrid business needs.

WeWork Price List

  • Day Passes (Hot Desks) starting from $29/day

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  • Meeting Room starting from $8/seat/hour

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  • Full Floor Office – Inquire for Pricing

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  • Private Office – Inquire for Pricing

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3. Idea Space


Located in the beautiful Boston Back Bay area, Idea Space is a hub of creativity and collaboration. 

They pride themselves on being a community rather than just an office space. They celebrate creative thinking and collaborative growth.

This is the perfect place for any freelancer looking to feel part of a bigger community. At Idea Space, success is shared. 

Looking for a colleague to check your work? A friend to share a morning coffee with? Idea Space has you covered!

Their impressive range of coworking options in Boston includes:

  • Dedicated desks
  • A shared central space
  • Private offices
  • Meeting rooms

The place has a general buzz of creativity. Some might put it down to the uplifting community culture or the stunning aesthetic. Polished wood floors and warm light give way to comfortable mats and casual seating.

Meeting new people and establishing meaningful connections is an important part of running a business and Idea Space reflects this.

Everything is built with creativity and community in mind. From the comfortable design of the space to the regular networking and social events.

Idea Space has a truly unmatched creative working environment filled with friendly freelancers and may just be the coworking space in Boston you were looking for.

Idea Space Price List

  • Dedicated Desks – Inquire for pricing

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  • Private Offices – Inquire for pricing

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  • Meeting Rooms – Inquire for pricing

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  • Coworking Space – Inquire for pricing

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4. Regus

regus boston offices for rent

If you’re looking for accessible, affordable, and impressive coworking spaces, then Regus has thousands worldwide. 

With over eleven locations in Boston alone and hundreds more across the US, Regus is by far the biggest coworking company on earth.

Clearly, they’re doing something right. 

Regus has plenty of private offices available in Boston and they offer a fantastic array of amenities to sweeten the deal:

  • Lounge areas
  • Breakout areas
  • Vending machines
  • Onsite snacks and coffee
  • Receptionists
  • Mail processing

Their private offices accommodate any team size and come fully stocked with everything you need to succeed.

Regus has achieved such success because of its dedication to building the best environment for you and your team. Get right to work in a simple and aesthetic space designed for inspiration and collaboration. 

Through the My Regus app, you can book a meeting room or day office anywhere in the world. All it takes is the click of a button.

But the best part by far is how Regus gives you access to a world-class admin service team experienced in:

  • Appointment setting
  • Interviewing
  • Marketing collateral 
  • Event planning

You can guarantee that your clients will always be dealing with real people, not a frustrating or unpredictable prompt system.

If this sounds like something you’d love, then Regus has the solutions for you. If you’re a single freelancer thinking this might be a bit over the top, then don’t worry. You only pay for what you use. But, small businesses can also take advantage of this premium coworking space in Boston too.

That’s the beauty of the coworking system!

Regus Price List

  • Office Spaces starting from $269/month

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  • Meeting Room starting at $39/hour

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  • Permanent Desk starting at $$259/month

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  • Virtual Memberships starting at $175/month

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5. CIC


CIC has been at the forefront of innovation since 1999. They pride themselves on providing the most innovative campuses to support the growth of entrepreneurs and startups.

Boasting more than 1 million square feet of high-quality locations throughout the world, CIC has been guided by the belief that innovation starts in the workspace.

The goal of their global network is to support innovators in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

In addition to the usual array of office necessities, CIC workspaces in Boston come packed with special perks like:

  • Enterprise-grade internet
  • High-end furniture
  • Concierge services
  • Technical support
  • Wellness facilities
  • Next-generation laboratories

Their approach is simple. Provide the best facilities and you’re going to attract the best businesses.

Their Boston location is strategically nestled in the heart of the Financial District, amidst Downtown Crossing and the Post Office Square offering ten floors of industry-specific communities, dynamic event venues, and stunning workspaces.

Yet CIC provides you with more than just a workspace. They’re a gateway to thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors worldwide.

Their global events attract thousands and are the ultimate networking opportunity. It’s this interconnectedness and passion that’s allowed their offices to produce some of the world’s brightest innovators.

Not to mention, CIC comes fully stocked with all the support and supplies you might need, so you can focus on your business and leave everything else to them.

You’ll love the energy and buzz of having all these other start-ups around. It’s a special place with a uniquely innovative feel.

CIC Price List

  • Communal Seats starting at $400/month

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  • Dedicated Desks starting at $750/month

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  • Private Offices – Inquire for Pricing

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6. Social Innovation Forum


This charming not-for-profit organization works to improve the community. Social Innovation Forum connects nonprofits with funding opportunities in the greater Boston area.

Most of the coworking space members are charitable organizations themselves, working to make an impact.

If you run a not-for-profit, then Social Innovation Forum has the perfect space for you. 

The opportunities to develop are constant. They have a calendar packed with amazing mentorships and networking events. 

Get to work improving the planet in the comfort of your clean and classy office space. Take advantage of their internet, printing, conference rooms, and free snacks. 

The core values of the Social Innovation Forum are:

  • Continuous learning
  • Deep relationships
  • Nimbleness
  • Engaged community
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Since its founding in 2003, this independent nonprofit organization has prioritized ethical investing. If you run a nonprofit, then the Social Innovation Forum can provide you with the chance to grow in a niche and comfortable workspace.

Not only that but they’ll help connect you with hundreds of experienced professionals and prospective investors.

SIF has the perfect environment and support to help you work productively and make a real impact making it a top coworking space in Boston.

Social Innovation Forum Price List

  • Hot Desks starting at $375/month

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  • Dedicated Desks starting at $425/year

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7. Revent Space

revent space coworking, boston

Revent Space provides a spacious coworking environment ideal for solo workers and small teams. 

Revent is a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business reach, with opportunities to expand to a larger scale.

It’s a great space for interacting and pooling resources with other small businesses. 

And it comes packed with a whole range of benefits. This Boston-only coworking space provides you with:

  • Unlimited beverages
  • Fully fitted meeting rooms
  • Printing services
  • Convenient on-site parking
It’s a professional environment dedicated to building a deeper sense of connection through community engagement.  If you’re a photography freelancer searching for the site of your next shoot, then Revent has you covered. Or a place to host your fitness and dance class? Revent has workspace solutions for every situation. But what really sets Revent apart is the foot traffic your business will benefit from. The building comes alive with regular workshops, pop-up shops, and seminars. Your actual working space is calm and quiet but just a few steps away, you can access hundreds of potential customers. Revent’s goal is to create a space where members of the Boston community can access all kinds of services, without ever leaving their neighborhood. This provides small business owners, creatives, and designers with the means to grow their client base instantly. If you’re a business owner searching for an easy way to reach customers, then look no further. Revent may just be the perfect space to find new customers and grow your business.

Revent Space Price List

  • Virtual Offices starting at $49/month
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  • Work Lounge – Inquire for pricing
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8. Spaces

spaces coworking, boston

Spaces is a big name in the coworking industry and boasts an incredible 117 locations in the US alone. 

And their two Boston buildings are as impressive as you’d expect. Beautiful brick walls and warm light blend for the dream office environment. 

Their world-class array of perks and amenities includes:

  • Car rentals
  • Gym memberships
  • Hotel stays
  • Lightning fast internet
  • Parking
  • Breakout areas

But Spaces is about more than just an exceptional workspace. They also offer a collaborative community and a packed calendar of networking events and speakers. 

Spaces have expertly crafted the dream office for people who don’t like offices. Lots of natural light, friendly faces, and easy access facilities. Plus, the opportunity to make the space your own.

Their free-spirited vibe attracts an upbeat community of energetic and problem-solving business leaders.

You can spend your time collaborating and creating while the friendly team at Spaces deals with all the logistics and services you might need. 

They’ve truly mastered the hassle-free office experience.

Spaces Boston Price List

  • Dedicated Desks starting at $549/month

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  • Private Offices starting at $575/month

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  • Virtual Offices starting at $65/month

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  • Meeting Rooms starting at $90/month

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  • What is a coworking space?​

    A coworking space is a community-based office environment where freelancers and small businesses can all work comfortably.

    It’s a cost-effective office solution that’s continuing to gain popularity. 

    With a growing shift to remote work, companies and freelancers have to weigh up whether the office environment is worth the price. 

    That’s where coworking spaces come in. All the benefits, for a fraction of the cost. 

    Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a hot desk once a week or a business hoping to rent out an entire floor of offices, there’s a coworking space for you.

    They’re fully serviced and often come with great perks like:

    • High-speed internet
    • Color printing
    • Meeting room access
    • On-site parking
    • Event spaces
    • Mail services

    And many more! 

    Every coworking space is unique but they all come equipped with an impressive range of facilities and services to help grow your business. 

  • Where can I find a coworking space in San Francisco?

    Boston boasts an impressive number of coworking spaces all around the city and in the surrounding Cambridge area.

    They can be found all over the city but some of the most prestigious coworking spaces are located in the city’s financial district.

    Whether you’re an innovative entrepreneur or niche creator, there’s a Boston coworking space for you.

  • What are the benefits of using a coworking space?​

    The benefits of a coworking space will depend on your goals and the location you end up choosing.

    That’s what makes coworking spaces so incredible. They’re as diverse and innovative as the companies that work there.

    Yet coworking spaces have four shared strengths that have seen them explode in popularity these last few years:A perfect balance of affordability, networking opportunities, flexibility, and convenience.


    Coworking spaces are the most cost-effective solution to an age-old business problem – how to expand and grow without racking up a bunch of new expenses?

    Because as any business expert will tell you, small or even medium-sized start-ups have to be particularly wary of high costs early on.

    However, there are so many benefits to having an office space you can call your own. Not only will you gain access to all those useful office services (kitchens, meeting rooms, printers) but it gives the business an air of professionalism.

    Businesses and freelancers enjoy top-notch amenities like:

    - Color printers
    - Kitchens
    - Meeting rooms
    - On-site parking
    - Event spaces

    Fitting your own office with all these great features would be worryingly expensive but they come included in a coworking membership.

    Beautiful interiors in better locations at a more affordable price –t’s no wonder more freelancers and remote workers are choosing to save with a coworking space.


    Whether you’re a freelancer looking to socialize or a business hoping to find potential investors, coworking spaces in Boston are great for networking.

    Not only do you get incredible interiors and great prices, but you get the chance to collaborate with skilled creators from all walks of life.

    You might have lunch with your office neighbor or spend an afternoon brainstorming with your desk buddy.

    There are also more organized options available. The busy coworking calendar often includes:

    • Networking sessions
    • Development programs
    • Mentorships
    • Investor meetups

    These sorts of events are a great way to meet similar workers, make new friends, and collaborate on ideas.

    The shift to remote work has reminded everyone just how important community is in the workplace. Coworking spaces offer the perfect blend of personal routine and practical networking events.


    A growing business or busy freelancer needs flexibility in the workplace. Coworking spaces are built to grow and adapt when you do.

    Plenty of locations, 24/7 access, and scalable memberships offer unmatched flexibility to those searching for a better way to work.

    Your wide range of office options includes hiring:

    • Hot desks
    • Meeting rooms
    • Dedicated desks
    • Private offices
    • Entire floors

    Plus, with flexible month-to-month contracts, you can scale your workplace up and down with ease.

    Feel like switching things up?

    Instead of huddling in a cafe for hours, most memberships allow you to visit and work from any of their office spaces globally.

    Gone are the days of the 9 to 5 rat race. Coworking spaces allow you to work anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.


    With locations all over Boston, there’s a coworking space right around the corner from you.

    Plus, the services and amenities you get with a coworking space membership make work life a whole lot easier. No more dashes to get printer ink or spending extra money on a company happy hour.

    You can leave all that to your friendly services team. They handle the logistics so you can work carefree.

    Need a coffee to start the day? Pick up a craft coffee on your way in the door. Coworking spaces are designed to be convenient, so you can be healthy, happy, and productive all day long.

    Not to mention, a membership often gives you access to all of a coworking space’s locations abroad.

    If you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler, then you can feel confident knowing that a quality workspace is never far away.

  • Who uses coworking spaces?

    Coworking spaces are loved by everyone from freelancers and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of these convenient and affordable coworking spaces in Boston.

    Not to mention, the energetic community of coworking spaces makes them the perfect environment for personal productivity.

    With an impressive range of membership options and thousands of locations across the country, there’s a coworking space that’s right for you.


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