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Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Chicago

Prepared by OSDORO

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the world, attracting ambitious entrepreneurs and business-savvy executives. Serving as the headquarters of some of the country’s biggest companies including Boeing, McDonald’s, and Kraft/Heinz, it makes sense that Chicago would also be home to a bustling community of incredible coworking spaces. 

After the pandemic changed the landscape of the way we work forever, more and more employers and employees are understanding the benefits of flexible work scenarios and new workplace environments. And coworking spaces are here to fill the needs of these remote workers.

Plus, small business owners and eager entrepreneurs can also take advantage of all the amazing educational, networking, and professional development resources many coworking spaces have to offer.

For everyone from freelancers to startups, coworking spaces seem to be the future of work and Chicago has some of the best. 

So, whether you’ve never considered coworking or you’re new in town and looking for the best coworking space in Chicago, here’s our list of the top 8 as we go over their best amenities, amazing benefits, and a general price list to help you decide what might work for you.

1. Industrious

industrious coworking space in chicago

Industrious has six locations throughout Chicago, hundreds of coworking spaces throughout the US, and even a few spots internationally.  

They offer Private Suites and Dedicated Spaces for remote workers and small businesses to reserve as well as Access Memberships to use Private Office Space either once or twice per week.

A unique offering from Industrious is their Canvas option. For startups and enterprises who want their own space but still want to be part of the vibrant community offered by Industrious Offices, the Canvas option allows you to have a private or standalone suite customized to your brand and business. 

So, you’ll get all the amenities and benefits of a coworking space along with the branded look of your very own office space. It’s the best of both worlds.

While Industrious doesn’t technically have Hot Desk options, their Access Membership still matches the flexibility of many other coworking spaces in Chicago. Plus, with so many locations across the country and abroad, it’s the perfect choice for digital nomads and anyone who takes frequent business trips.

Added benefits for members include unlimited craft coffee, fast and secure wifi, unlimited color printing, conference rooms, phone booths, and more.

In short, Industrious gives you just the right amount of office space on any given day. Whether you feel like coming in to work or staying home, Industrious has options for you.

Industrious Office Price List

  • Dedicated Desk starting at $698/month

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  • Private Office starting at $1008/month

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2. Coalition Space

coalition space coworking space in chicago

With two locations in Chicago, one in the West Loop and one at River North, Coalition Space offers customizable office space, shared coworking spaces, virtual offices, enterprise suites, meetings rooms, lounge areas, and more, all surrounded by an engaged business community.   

Plus, with Coalition Space comes added flexibility. Membership options include:

  • On-Demand where you only pay if you come in
  • Day Passes
  • Flex Desks (otherwise known as Hot Desks)
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Private Offices

With memberships, you’ll also have designated access to Meeting Rooms and Wellness Rooms. Plus, they make it easy to book your desk and any additional space you might need with their online booking system for added convenience. 

While their membership prices are only available through an inquiry, this seems to be due to their multitude of options to help meet even the most specific needs. So, instead of a one size fits all approach, with Coalition Space, you’ll get a unique workspace for your unique business.

Keep in mind, Coalition Space isn’t the trendiest coworking space in Chicago. Still, it’ll certainly get the job done. Especially if you prefer more of a lo-fi vibe without any pretension, Coalition Space is definitely worth checking out for yourself.

Coalition Space Price List

3. 1871

coworking space in chicago

The coworking space 1871 is named after the year of the Great Chicago Fire. But really, the inspiration came from what happened after the fire, when inventors, architects, and engineers came together to re-build to city from the ground up.    

Interestingly, 1871 is a non-profit organization offering options for startups at every stage of their growth. Located in the historic Merchandise Mart, you can take advantage of scalable workspaces, educational resources, and access to mentorship at this unique coworking space.

1871’s coworking spaces feature fully equipped workspaces, conference rooms, podcasting studios, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from, network, collaborate, and connect with a community of business leaders and peers. Plus, gain the direction you need through weekly events, shareouts, and deep dives. 

In addition to all the usual perks that go along with a coworking space, 1871 also offers members exclusive credits for services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and more. You can also gain access to 1871’s robust community through a Virtual Membership.

All in all, 1871 helps to give you a clear direction based on wherever you are in your startup journey. With roadmaps tailored to the Early Stage, Growth Stage, Corporate Innovators, and Small Businesses, it’s where you want to be as a new business in Chicago.

1871 Price List

  • Hot Desk, starting at $350/month

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  • Dedicated Desk, starting at $500/month

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  • Private Office, inquire for pricing

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4. Expansive Workspace

expansive workspace coworking space in chicago

Formerly known as Novel Coworking, Expansive Workspace has six locations in Chicago and various others across the US. With flexible membership plans available, Expansive Workspace works for solo freelancers, small businesses, and even large enterprises.  

Membership options include:

  • Virtual Offices with community access and mail services
  • Expansive Access Pass to reserve private offices, first come first served
  • Coworking Membership for Hot Desk options
  • Dedicated Desks for a reserved space in the shared areas
  • Office Space for a bit of privacy for teams between 1 and 20 people
  • Office Suites with capacity for teams between 10 and 500 people

As a member, you’ll also receive benefits like a free espresso and healthy snacks, access to their nationwide network of locations, direct fiber internet, state-of-the-art conference rooms, short-term contracts for ultimate scalability, and more.

Expansive Workspace is an affordable option with a ton of valuable benefits. From Mother’s Rooms in some locations to the option to put your company logo on your Office Space door, you’ll even get mail services, taxes and utilities, and cleaning services included. 

Although you won’t find fitness classes or beer on tap here, for your basic coworking space that has everything you need to finish your to-do list, Expansive Workspace has it all.

Expansive Workspace Price List

  • Hot Desk starting at $219/month

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  • Dedicated Desk starting at $329/month

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  • Private Office starting at $399/month

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5. 2112

2112 coworking space in chicago

Focusing on businesses and entrepreneurs in the music, film/video, and creative technology industries, 2112 (twenty-one twelve) is a unique coworking space that focuses on educational programming, mentorship programs, partnerships with Fort Knox Studios, and more.   

When you join the 2112 community, you have the following membership options:

  • Enrichment Membership gives you access to educational content, the mentorship program, events, discounts at Fort Knox Studios, and wireless internet
  • Unreserved Workspace Membership comes with all the above benefits plus use of their coworking areas
  • Reserved Workspace Membership also has all the above benefits but with a dedicated desk that’s lockable
  • Private Office Membership is only different in that you’ll get a lockable office with more space

2112 also has scholarships available to cover membership costs and is located in the Portage Park neighborhood inside Fort Knox Studios. There’s also a free parking lot for members, an open kitchen with water, coffee, and snacks, and 24/7 access available.

The standout feature of 2112 is their focus on specific niches within creative industries and their educational offerings. With one-on-one mentorship sessions and weekly networking events, it’s really the community that sets 2112 apart, especially if you’re hoping to break into music, film/video, or another creative endeavor.

2112 Price List

  • Hot Desk starting at $250/month

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  • Dedicated Desk starting at $375/month

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  • Private Office starting at $450/month

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6. Ampersand

ampersand coworking space in chicago

Ampersand is a coworking and event space located in the heart of Logan Square. Its loft-like design and peaceful vibe set Ampersand apart from other coworking spaces in Chicago. With all the perks of a premier workspace without any unnecessary noise and pretension, Ampersand is where to go to meet clients, close sales, and work without distraction.   

At Ampersand, you can use their Day Passes, go for a Hot Desk, reserve a Dedicated Desk, or personalize a Private Office.

You’ll also have access to Conference Rooms and all the amenities including:

  • Rooftop deck with wifi
  • Rotating art exhibitions featuring local artists
  • Free hot coffee
  • Office services like printing, scanning, and mail services
  • Flexible plans
  • Secure storage
  • Private phone booths
  • Near public transportation
  • On-site bicycle storage
  • Nearby local hotspots including Michelin star restaurants to impress clients
  • Event space for launch parties and social gatherings

Taking things even further, your membership fees are used to support important causes including women in comedy, sex trafficking prevention, yoga and mindfulness, and local artists. 

With a variety of workspaces to choose from including hammocks on the roof, diner-style booths, desks, tables, and sofas, there’s always a way to work at Ampersand that matches your mood, to-do list, and team. 

Benefitting everyone from freelancers who come and go to small businesses who want to set up shop, check out Ampersand in Logan Square.

Ampersand Price List

  • Hot Desk starting at $195/month

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  • Dedicated Desk starting at $395/month

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  • Private Office, inquire for pricing

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7. 25N

25n coworking space in chicago

25N boasts two locations near Chicago in Arlington Heights and Geneva with a suburb-focused coworking space where you can work, meet, and collaborate with your local community.   

At 25N, amenities include:

  • On-site community manager
  • Fast, secure wifi
  • Conference rooms
  • Virtual mail services
  • 2/7 access with security
  • Printing services
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Cleaning services
  • Private phone booths
  • Break room and kitchenette
  • Lunch ordering services
  • Day lockers and other storage options
  • Networking events
  • Happy Hours
  • Common areas
  • Wellness room

With various membership options including a Flexible Workspace to find your seat on a first-come, first-served basis, Permanent Desks that are always reserved for when you need them, fully furnished Private Offices to close and lock the door, Flexible Meeting Rooms for your big presentation, and Virtual Offices including virtual assistant services, 25N does it all.

25N features an elevated design that’ll help you feel productive and inspired. Its functionality paired with ergonomic furniture make it a pleasure to get work done. You can write on the walls to jot down important notes when you don’t have time to find a piece of paper and the plug-in desks ensure your laptop will never lose power.

Plus, regular networking, professional development, and business-building events offer opportunities to connect with others and nurture a sense of community at 25N. 

By moving this coworking space out of the city and into the suburbs of Chicago, 25N supports working parents with busy lives with a wonderful place to work and connect.

25N Price List

8. MakeOffices

make offices coworking space in chicago

MakeOffices is located at the Loop in Chicago and offers month-to-month coworking plans with an elite design aesthetic. Configured to promote both quiet, productive spaces and open, collaborative areas, MakeOffices helps all types of businesses from solopreneurs to small companies.    

You can either pop in with a Day Pass, come and go with Hot Desks, or stay awhile with Private Offices. MakeOffices gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. 

In this beautiful, fully-furnished space, members have access to amenities such as monthly networking events, 24/7 building access, conference rooms, private phone booths, free premium coffee and tea, unlimited craft beer on tap, a business mailing address and mail collection services, printing, scanning, and copying, a wellness room with massage chairs, a game room, bicycle storage, and more.

You’ll also get references for other business services like IT support and tax accounting with the flexibility to scale your business easily. There are also Virtual Offices available at MakeOffices for those who prefer to work from home but still want access to a vibrant business community and the occasional conference room rental.

MakeOffices prides itself on a worry-free experience that’s seamless and intuitive. At this coworking space in Chicago, you’re able to focus on your work while leaving the rest to them.

MakeOffices Price List

  • Hot Desk starting at $300/month

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  • Private Office starting at $600/month

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  • What is a coworking space?​

    A coworking space allows you to use only the amount of workspace you need whether that’s a seat at a table, a desk, a private office, or an entire floor of offices. 

    Coworking spaces are shared workplaces where freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, and enterprises work side by side, complete with amenities and services to help you get your best work done.

    In many respects, coworking spaces seem to be the future of work with flexible options and a community-centric approach. Instead of working from home, coworking allows you to work alongside others even if you’re employed by different companies.

    By sharing the space, coworking becomes incredibly affordable with all the modern furnishings and aesthetics of some of the most iconic office spaces you’ve ever seen in some of the most desirable cities in the world. 

    Long story short, coworking spaces mean you no longer have to lease an entire building or work out of a dreary library. 

  • Where can you find coworking spaces in Chicago?​

    You can find coworking spaces all over Chicago. Most coworking spaces are located in the heart of the city, either in the Loop, Logan Square, or right on the river. However, others are situated in the suburbs of Chicago to serve those who prefer to live outside the noise of the city.  

    Regardless, there are countless coworking spaces in Chicago for you to choose from and you won’t have to search for long to find one that works for you.

  • What are the benefits of using a coworking space?​

    Some of the benefits of using a coworking space include networking, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.


    If you work for yourself or you work remotely for whatever reason, it makes sense that you’d miss having coworkers. After all, as humans, we’re social beings and when we’re on our own for too long, our work inevitably suffers.  

    When you use a coworking space, it doesn’t matter what you’re working on, you’ll be able to connect and network with other members to meet your social needs. 

    Most coworking spaces host regular events, happy hours, and networking sessions to help you meet new people and collaborate on new ideas. Many even offer Virtual Offices that allow you to take part in all the community events even if you prefer to continue to work from home.

    With educational resources, mentorship programs, and an easy way to make friends in your area, coworking spaces are amazing for keeping us connected no matter how we prefer to work.


    Another valuable benefit of using coworking spaces is the convenience factor. With amenities like fitness centers, mail services, printing and scanning, free coffee, and more, everything you need is right at your fingertips when you work from a coworking space in Chicago.

    Plus, with many coworking spaces having various locations both nationally and internationally, your membership will give you access to coworking space in many cities around the world. Perfect for digital nomads and anyone who travels a lot for business, knowing that a quality workspace is never too far away, it offers the ultimate convenience. 


    As far as business expenses go, one of the most expensive on the list is renting office space. However, when you opt to use coworking space for your small business or startup, you’ll save a ton of money by paying for only the space you use.

    When you’re just starting out, simply rent a desk. Once you’re ready to get more serious, you might rent a single office within the coworking space for a blend of privacy and collaboration. Then, when you start to add team members, you can opt for an office suite with multiple workstations or even an entire floor of the coworking space to use as your HQ.

    You’ll also save money by using the amenities offered by coworking spaces. From free coffee to unlimited printing services, your business won’t have to spend on ink or paper. And with spaces that offer a concierge or on-site manager, you can also forego the need to hire a receptionist.

    By sharing amenities with the rest of the members, you can have the office of your dreams in a prime location without the huge overheads. Coworking spaces are truly a win-win.


    Finally, coworking spaces offer flexibility which, in this day and age, is a necessity in the workplace. Gone are the days of working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Now, you have the option to work anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances. 

    With flexible membership plans that allow you to rent an office, pop in and out for a desk when you need one, and easy ways to switch things around to scale your business up or down, coworking spaces offer unmatched flexibility.

  • Who uses coworking spaces?​

    Coworking spaces are used by more kinds of people than you might expect. It’s not only for tech freelancers and digital nomads anymore. Coworking spaces are utilized by small businesses with multiple team members, enterprises with a large staff, and remote employees working for all kinds of companies. 

    In reality, there’s no limit to who can use coworking spaces. Whether you’re a college student who needs more amenities than the university library can offer, a freelance graphic designer who needs to work on a last-minute project in a pinch, or a successful business owner who needs a conference room to pitch their latest idea to investors, there’s a coworking space that can meet your needs.

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