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How can osDORO help you find an office space rental?

osDORO was established with a simple mission: to link businesses with their ideal workspace. When you partner with osDORO, you unlock a vast network of top-notch office spaces across Australia. Our goal is to streamline the process of locating an office space in Australia, and the best part is, it won’t cost you a cent extra.

That’s right, there are absolutely NO EXTRA COST associated with osDORO’s efforts to search, negotiate, and discover your perfect office space.

Whether you need a single desk or an entire floor, we’re here to assist you in securing the best deal possible! Just share your requirements with us, and we’ll present you with the finest office space options currently available throughout Australia.


Starting from
$450 per month
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Starting from
$378 per month
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Starting from
$315 per month
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Starting from
$335 per month
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Hub Australia

Starting from
$550 per month
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$405 per month
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Compass Offices

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$295 per month
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$450 per month
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Secure an Office Space in Australia

Flexible Office Spaces in Australia

Find office spaces for lease or rent throughout Australia. Secure the perfect home for your business with the help of osDORO.

Choose from hundreds of office spaces for rent or lease, serviced offices, private offices, coworking spaces, dedicated desks, hot desks, and other flex office spaces in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and more.

Top 8 Office Space Providers in Australia

While traditional office space is still the most common type of office space for rent that you’ll find, more flexible office space options are quickly becoming popular. Some of the biggest flexible office space providers in Australia include Servcorp, Regus, WeWork, JustCo, Hub Australia, and more.

office spaces for rent coworking office space osdoro


Servcorp is a coworking space that offers shared office space for rent across 21 Australian locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Choose between Hot Desk memberships where you can take advantage of the open coworking areas, Dedicated Desks that are reserved for you so you’ll never have to fight for a seat or Private Offices that are fully serviced and customisable.


JustCo is a contemporary serviced office provider in Australia, known for its stylish and modern workspaces. They offer flexible membership options, including private offices and coworking areas, tailored to the needs of professionals and businesses. JustCo fosters a vibrant and innovative community.


Regus is another flexible office space for rent with a whopping 68 locations across Australia. Regus is unique in that they partner with other shared office spaces to help entrepreneurs, remote workers and businesses find the best serviced offices to serve their needs.

Fully furnished with state of the art decor, desks and amenities, all of Regus’ premium offices are as stunning as they are practical. 


WeWork is a globally renowned serviced office provider with multiple locations across Australia. They offer vibrant and flexible workspace solutions, ideal for freelancers, startups, and established businesses. With a range of amenities and a dynamic community, WeWork provides a creative and collaborative environment for professionals.

hub australia coworking space (1)
Hub Australia

Hub Australia

Another popular coworking space across the country is Hub Australia. With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, Hub Australia offers everything from Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk memberships to Private Offices and Meeting Rooms for hire. 

Compass Offices

Compass Offices, a prominent flexible workspace provider, boasts an extensive presence in Australia with eight well-appointed centers. Within these centers, you’ll find a total of 102 fully furnished offices and 721 dedicated desks, all thoughtfully equipped to cater to your professional needs. Whether it’s seamless Wi-Fi connectivity or cutting-edge audio and video conferencing facilities, Compass Offices ensures that you have the essential tools to enhance your work experience and productivity.


If you’re still looking for an office space for rent in Australia, Spaces is another solid choice you can look into. Spaces is a global coworking space brand with hundreds of locations around the world and 11 locations across Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne (with more to come!).


@Workspaces stands out as a premier provider of top-notch office space and amenities across ten strategic locations in Australia, many of which feature renowned business addresses. With a total of 44 meticulously designed workspaces and 188 dedicated desks, @Workspaces aims to empower businesses by offering well-equipped serviced office centers. These centers are thoughtfully curated to optimize your working environment, ensuring that you can make the most of your professional pursuits.

Office Spaces Australia - Price Summary

Office Space Price per Desk

  • WeWork Offices starting at $450/month

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  • Servcorp Offices starting at $378/desk

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  • Regus Offices starting at $315/desk

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  • JustCo Offices starting at $335/desk

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  • Spaces Offices starting at $405/desk

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  • Hub Australia starting at $550/desk

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  • Compass Offices starting at $295/desk

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  • AtWorkspaces starting at $450/desk

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If you’re looking for something else, we can find you another set of office providers. Feel free to contact our team today!

Remember that there’s zero cost for osDORO to search, negotiate, and secure an office space for you. Let us know your budget and requirements, and we’ll show you the best serviced offices based on your needs.

osDORO teams up with the biggest office space providers in Australia to connect businesses to their perfect home. Whether you need an office space for rent for yourself or for your team, there are heaps of options available today, and we can make the search easier for you!

Flexible Office Space Report

Office Space Market Outlook in Australia

In Australia, as technology transforms businesses, the challenge lies in attracting and retaining employees who are ready for this evolving landscape. With 75% of the workforce expected to consist of millennials by 2025, the focus is on meeting their preferences.

Millennials highly value mentorship, effective workplaces, collaboration with peers, and employers with a clear sense of purpose. To cater to their needs, employers are embracing flexible work conditions and outcome-based approaches. Many businesses are turning to coworking spaces to provide flexibility to their millennial workforce, particularly in response to the global pandemic.

This shift not only accommodates millennials but also responds to the broader demand for flexible work arrangements, driven by factors such as work-from-home fatigue and the desire for a better work-life balance. Coworking spaces offer an affordable option for businesses grappling with rising real estate prices, providing an effective way to adapt to the changing work landscape.

Read the full report: Coworking Space Market Report

sydney coworking space

What are the advantages of renting an office space?

While office space sometimes gets a bad reputation, there are actually countless benefits of working from office space, whether it’s traditional office space, shared office space for rent or a coworking space.

hub australia coworrking space brisbane
HUB Australia

Collaboration and Connection

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of working from office space is the collaboration and connection opportunities you’ll have there. While it’s tempting to romanticise working from cafes, beaches or simply from home, it’s easy to become isolated when you don’t work from an office space.

As humans, we need to socialise with others and it’s healthier for us and for our families if we have connections to other humans either as friends or acquaintances. The simple chats you might find yourself having over coffee or lunch in an office space are such important benefits of working from one.

Additionally, if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, working from an office space gives you the chance to network and collaborate with others in a way that you wouldn’t be able to without one. And as the saying goes, it’s not always ‘what you know’ but ‘who you know’.


Continuing in that same vein, working from an office space can also help to boost your productivity. Office space gives you a quiet place to focus, free from the many distractions that you might have when working from home or from a noisy cafe. 

Also, when your office space is set up for productivity — ergonomic furniture, all the supplies you need, privacy and water cooler breaks — you’re more likely to get into the flow of work.

By setting the scene, office space helps push you in the right direction towards productivity while, at the same time, keeping your work life and personal life separate, which is another powerful benefit of office space.


Whether we like it or not, it’s quite difficult to get motivated to work when you’re the only one responsible for doing so. When you work from home or outside of an office space, you have less accountability for showing up and getting started. 

So, by driving to the office (wherever that may be) and getting your mind ready to work, it gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction since people in an office space are expecting that of you.

All in all, with this simple cue to help you stay accountable, you’re bound to get more done when you work from an office space. 

Separation of Work and Personal Life

When working from home or from your local cafe, it can be difficult to “switch off” and maintain healthy boundaries between your work life and your personal life.

It’s hard enough for business owners and entrepreneurs to do this even when they do work from a dedicated office space. Yet, when you work from a home office space, it becomes even harder. 

When you set clear boundaries and only work when you’re at the office, it can be revolutionary for your mental health. After all, hustle culture is making its way out and ‘working to live’ not ‘living to work’ is on its way in.

Long story short, your brain needs these clear cues to let you know that in the office, you work and at home, you don’t work. This simple shift towards choosing a small office space for rent can, therefore, do wonders for your work/life balance. 

private office for rent

Credibility and Professionalism

Finally, we should mention that office space also gives your company or business the credibility and professionalism that home offices (or no office at all) can’t provide. 

This perk becomes especially important if you often meet with clients, are looking for investors or if you need to earn some credibility in a new field.

Welcoming partners and customers into a professional office space versus your garage undoubtedly gives your business more credibility. In other words, people will trust you more. The same goes with your business address.

While looks aren’t everything and you can certainly run a professional business out of your home if you want to, it’s undeniable that working from an office space instantly boosts your credibility. 

Business Network

It’s no secret that working from home can be incredibly isolating, and in the business world, your network can be as crucial as your knowledge and skills. So, building and maintaining a strong business network is vital.

Flexible office spaces provide access to an extensive network of fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, creating opportunities for connections and collaborations. Many of these offices also organize networking events, social gatherings, and professional workshops, fostering a sense of community and support.

These office spaces offer an ideal environment for individuals and teams to come together and achieve their best work, making them a more attractive option than working from home or setting up in a local library.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does osDORO work?

    It's easy to secure a serviced office space through osDORO. We've simplified the search process for you. Follow these steps:

    1. Let us Know Your Requirements: Complete our form and let us know your office needs. We'll provide you the latest available office spaces based on your requirements.
    2. Schedule an Office Space Viewing: We'll arrange office tours for your shortlisted offices.
    3. We'll Arrange and Finalise Your Lease or Rental Agreement: After selecting your ideal office, we'll handle the paperwork and ensure a smooth move-in process.


    Contact our team today for assistance at every stage, from booking a tour to securing the best office deal.


  • Does osDORO charge a fee?

    There's no extra cost or fee for osDORO to search, negotiate, and find you the perfect office.

    At osDORO, we offer our expert services at no cost to you. Our team will diligently search and negotiate on your behalf to find the perfect office space, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With our market knowledge and negotiation skills, we secure the best deals tailored to your needs.

    We believe that finding your ideal office should be efficient and cost-effective, and osDORO is committed to making that a reality for you, with no hidden fees or expenses on your part.

  • How does a traditional office space differ from a shared office space?

    An office space is an area designated for the purpose of doing work or business. Typically, office space is simply a space where employees and teams gather to work towards a mutual goal, usually for a specific company. However, the true definition is continuing to evolve as the world of work is changing throughout the 21st century.

    The most common types of office spaces include traditional office space, shared office space and home office space. However, the main trait they share is that each office space is used to do work-related tasks.

    Traditional office space is what most people think of when they think about what office space is, full of separate offices, cubicles and common areas operated by a single company or entity. For example, if you were to go see a dentist, you’d likely go to a dentist’s office space. Same with lawyer groups and stockbrokers.

    However, with the advent of remote work, entrepreneurship and freelancing, many individuals are also yearning for an office space that offers more flexibility than a traditional office. That’s where shared offices come into play.

    Shared offices, also known as coworking spaces, have all the supplies and amenities you’d expect in a traditional office space but you won’t necessarily be working for the same team. It’s a flexible office space option where you only pay for exactly what you use and you’ll share the rest with others who also use that space.

    There’s also home office space where you designate a room or part of your home as a workspace. But, the lines here are a bit more blurred.

    All in all, office space is any space where you go to work with all the tools and supplies required to do that work.

  • What are the types of flexible offce spaces can you can find today?

    1. Private Offices - These are fully furnished, enclosed office spaces designed for individuals or teams, providing a private and dedicated work environment.

    2. Coworking Desks - Open-plan workstations within a shared workspace, ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and small teams seeking a collaborative atmosphere.

    3. Virtual Offices - A virtual office provides a professional business address and phone number without a physical workspace. It suits remote businesses needing a prestigious address and mail handling services.

    4. Meeting Rooms - Serviced offices often provide well-equipped meeting and conference rooms available for rent by the hour or day. They come with presentation tools and support services.

    5. Day Passes - Some serviced offices offer day passes or drop-in access, allowing individuals to use their facilities for a single day without a long-term commitment.

    6. Hot Desks - Hot desking allows you to use any available desk or workspace on a first-come, first-served basis within the shared workspace area.

    7. Dedicated Desks - Similar to private offices, dedicated desks offer a reserved workstation within a shared workspace, striking a balance between privacy and open-plan working.

    8. Team Offices - Larger private offices tailored to accommodate medium to large teams, ensuring they have their dedicated workspace.

    9. Flex Spaces - These versatile areas can be used for various purposes, such as training sessions, workshops, or events. They are often adjustable to accommodate different layouts and requirements.

HUB Australia
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