Average Coworking Space Price In Brooklyn

As the coworking trend grows, more startups and businesses are interested in locating in coworking spaces. Coworking spaces provide numerous advantages, including flexible membership, lower costs than traditional offices, a supportive community, and a hard-working vibe, to name a few. If your company is interested in coworking spaces, you may be wondering about the pricing options.

Downtown Brooklyn, New York City

Coworking in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known for having a large number of entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers, and it has also become a hotspot for coworking spaces to accommodate them.

There are numerous options from Gowanus to Bushwick for writers, tech startups, media companies, and other creatives looking for shared offices, studio space, or desks.

The recipe for a coworking space is straightforward. Get a catchy name, rent a large commercial space, divide it into sections of varying sizes, charge monthly — or even daily — rental fees, and provide a slew of extras.

Coworking spaces, which are less expensive and more flexible than traditional office rents and leases, enable full-time and part-time workers to establish a work environment as varied as their daily routine.

Aside from the usual desks, wi-fi, and copious amounts of coffee, some coworking spaces provide phone booths for private calls, studios, conference rooms, and event spaces. Some employers even allow you to bring your dog to work.

Average Cost of Coworking Spaces in Brooklyn

brooklyn bridge and office buildings on the horizon

Brooklyn has a diverse selection of coworking spaces. Every corner, block, and street has a shared work hub that helps its members collaborate and grow with one another. Whether you are a freelancer or have recently left a 9-5 job, a coworking space is the best place to begin a new journey.

According to DeskMag, the average monthly cost for a dedicated desk in the United States is $387, while a hot desk costs $195. These prices are relatively constant around the world, though they fluctuate across continents.

In 2021, the average cost per person for a coworking space in Brooklyn is $544.2. It’s no secret that New York is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Unfortunately, this includes things like rent, which influences the cost of a Brooklyn coworking space.

Top Coworking Spaces in Brooklyn

Need a coworking space in Brooklyn to get some work done? Here are some of the best spots.

WeWork Dock 72 the Brooklyn Navy Yard Brooklyn New York
WeWork Dock 72, Brooklyn, New York

1. WeWork Brooklyn

WeWork can be described as both a local and an international Brooklyn coworking space. This is where the concept of WeWork originated, and it grew from there. They have 5 different locations throughout the city. WeWork has transformed various warehouses and shipping yards into beautiful workspaces. There is not a single doubt about the magnificence of the WeWork-curated spaces. Aside from the breathtaking interiors, the services and amenities provided will undoubtedly assist any business in focusing on one thing: SUCCESS. Everything else will be handled by WeWork’s efficient management. Four of the five locations offer hot desks, which start at $370 per month.

594 Dean St Industrious USA 11238
Industrious 594 Dean St., Brooklyn NY

2. Industrious Brooklyn

This light-filled space, charmingly nestled between the brownstones of Prospect Park, is sure to keep your entire team energized and inspired. A variety of amenities and spaces are available, including high-tech conference rooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, and more, allowing you to get down to business no matter what’s on the agenda. Price starts at $1,235/person. 

REgus coworking space new york
Regus Coworking Space New York

3. Regus Dumbo

Dumbo is Brooklyn’s tech leader, with the highest concentration of tech firms in the city. You and your team will discover an ideal location as well as spaces that are designed to make an impression. Enjoy the flexibility you need to meet the demands of the day, as well as all of the amenities and services you expect to keep your team productive and energized. The coworking cost at Regus starts at $540/person.

The Yard Coworking Space New York City

4. The Yard Brooklyn

Many members of the community are entrepreneurs and small business owners. The shared desk space is in the lobby, surrounded by a maze of private suites, and original artwork is always on display, sometimes created by members themselves. You can hire an open desk, a permanent desk, or even a private office at any of The Yard’s three workspaces. The open desk service starts at $275 per month. The starting price for a dedicated desk is $400 per month.

smart space coworking space new york city
Smart Space Coworking New York City

5. Smart Space

Smart Space is a general-use coworking space, one of the first in the area, that also rents out full offices to companies or wealthy individuals. They do not target any particular community, but the space appears clean and modern, appealing to anyone who can afford it. A “hot desk” costs $40 per day, a dedicated desk costs $400 per month, and a monthly membership starts at $250 per month. There are also office space rates starting at $900.

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