Cheapest to Most Expensive Coworking Spaces in Denver

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Because of the rise of the shared office trend, there are many excellent options for coworking space Denver. Many major coworking brands, including Regus, WeWork, Galvanize, and a few others, have coworking spaces in this city. While there are numerous new blooming coworking brands opening in the city. These office spaces are fully furnished and serviced. These coworking spaces operate on a variety of flexible terms. Corporates prefer the flexible solutions provided by these spaces to the traditional office structure. These coworking spaces also provide all of the necessary high-quality amenities and services.

Many of these spaces are in prime locations throughout the city. These coworking space Denver options are easily accessible via various commute options. Freelancers, travelers, part-time workers, startups, and other businesses can all find a place at one of the options listed. Check out the comprehensive list of coworking spaces in Denver, along with pricing information.

Coworking Spaces in Denver for Every Budget

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Different types of coworking spaces are available in Denver, from the open layout to posh dedicated offices. These office spaces serve the needs of freelancers, startups, and small to large businesses. These spaces’ membership plans are adaptable and you can surely find one that fits your budget and needs. 

Coworking Spaces in Denver CO

Office TypeMonthly PriceContact
Hot Desk$50 to $299 Get Quote
Dedicated Desk$299 to $499 Get Quote
Private Office Space$500 to $1,350 Get Quote

1. CTRL Collective – Denver

Membership: Starts at $199/person

Creativity must be fostered, but many coworking spaces are uninspiring, boring, and frequently suffocate creative inspiration. This is where CTRL Collective steps in. CTRL Collective is a creative haven in Denver. CTRL Collective delights your senses and provides the ideal environment for doing your best creative work, with a clean and contemporary design and features such as a suspended rope wall and steel encased fireplace.

CTRL Collective’s coworking spaces are outfitted with luxurious leather and live edge wood tables, and the walls are adorned with spectacular art by local artists.  

2. Spaces – Ballpark

Membership: Starts at $226/person

When you walk into Spaces, you immediately sense the coworking space’s magic. It’s stunningly bright, open, and visually stunning. With 4300 square feet of open workspace to choose from, you’ll find the ideal spot for your work. Architect desks, couches, traditional tables, lounge areas, and restaurant-style booths are among the many seating and workspace options available in the cafe.

This spectacular workspace was inspired by workspaces in Amsterdam. The community is vibrant and cooperative. Working at Spaces gives you the impression that anything is possible. You’re open to new experiences and capable of great things.

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3. WeWork – The Lab

Membership: Starts at $360/person

Each WeWork location has its own culture and community and each location best serves different industries and workers. If you work for a startup in Denver, the WeWork The Lab in LoHi is the place to be.

The WeWork The Lab is a true team environment where collaboration takes place. There are numerous meeting rooms, common areas, and outdoor spaces available for teamwork. WeWork The Lab is hip, vibrant, and full of Denver’s best startup talent, so there’s always the chance to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Of course, where there are startups, there must be beer, and WeWork The Lab has you covered on that front as well. The Denver Beer Company is located downstairs and is a popular after-work meeting spot for Denver’s startup community.

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Expansive Coworking Space, Denver CO

4. Expansive Workspace – 16th Street

Membership: Starts at $362/person

When it comes to value, Expansive Workspace – 16th Street is the coworking space to be in. Expansive Workspace owns the building, which is located near the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, and passes savings and flexibility on to its members. Expansive Workspaces is a great option for teams on a budget, with prices that are frequently up to 20% lower than nearby spaces.

Expansive Workspace, with its variety of coworking spaces and breathtaking views, is also ideal for businesses looking to customize their buildouts or spaces. This structure was also a Colorado Athletic Club location.

5. Industrious – Denver

Membership: Starts at $450/person

Industrious is open and bright, with luxurious and comfortable furnishings. It’s a place where you can get some work done quietly or hang out with friends and work on projects together.

Whatever type of work you need to do, the hosts at Industrious provide best-in-class hospitality, which places Industrious on our list of the best coworking spaces in Denver.

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Thrive Flex Office Spaces

6. Thrive Workplace – Cherry Creek

Membership: Starts at $450/person

Thrive Workplace – Cherry Creek is both a professional workspace and a curated community focused on growth in the Cherry Creek area.

The space is well-designed and modern, as one would expect. It’s in Cherry Creek, near upscale retail and dining options. Thrive is a family-owned and community-minded company that hosts events to promote professional development, mentorship, and, of course, collaboration.

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