camp david coworking space in brooklyn, new york
Camp David Office Space in Brooklyn, New York


Brooklyn has evolved into a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers, offering an array of coworking spaces to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re an artist, tech enthusiast, or startup founder, there’s a Brooklyn coworking space that’s tailor-made for you. These offices for rent and coworking spaces showcase the borough’s diversity and innovation, providing professionals with inspiring environments and essential amenities to thrive.

If you’re thinking about starting a business in New York City or moving your existing one there, Brooklyn might be a good place to start. For companies looking for rental office space in New York City, the borough has become an enticing frontier. While it lacks the skyscrapers and iconic landmarks of Manhattan, its neighborhoods are rich in character, atmosphere, and a variety of amenities.

Continue reading to see our top office space picks in Brooklyn.

Average Cost of Private Offices in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, NY rents are significantly lower than Manhattan lease averages, and there are a variety of commercial rental options to suit any budget. Office space costs $41.35 per square foot on average, and businesses can sublease space for $38.72/sqft on average. The overall vacancy rate is 17%, with a total inventory of more than 43 million square feet. Certain borough neighborhoods, such as DUMBO and Downtown Brooklyn, are particularly affordable.

Aside from the appealing price tag on commercial space for rent, a rapidly growing inventory of repurposed buildings and new constructions can accommodate businesses of all industries and sizes looking to rent space.

15 Private Offices for Rent in Brooklyn

1. 1002 Dean Street

Private office on 1002 Dean St – This office space is a beautiful mixed-use space for small teams or freelancers, located 6 minutes from Park Pl Station station and 8 minutes from Bolla Market shopping centre. You can set up desks here starting at $985 per person.

WeWork Williamsburg, NYC
WeWork Williamsburg at 134 N. 4th St., Brooklyn
  • Private Offices starting at $985/desk

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2. 430 Park Avenue

Cozy office on Park Ave – Located at 430 Park Avenue, this chic office space is a hop, skip, and a jump from the Shopping Village shopping centre. It’s easy to see how getting work done here is a breeze, all while being surrounded by a beautiful setting. The space is one of the pricier offices at $1,355/desk, but it’s definitely worth it. 

430 Park Avenue Wework USA
Wework at 430 Park Avenue
  • Private Offices starting at $1,355/desk

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3. 594 Dean Street

Dean St office for rent – Keep it simple in a quaint, fully-equipped 2-person private office at 594 Dean St. This space has all amenities for your needs, with brilliant lighting and classy furnishings. Desks here costs $898 per person.

Flex Office Spaces at 594 Dean St

  • Private Offices starting at $898/desk

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4. 147 Prince Street

Fully-furnished office on Prince St – This space at 147 Prince St. can accommodate up to four people and has a unique design, natural lighting, and a modern feel. Located only 4 minutes away from DeKalb Av Station, this office space costs $974 per person.

Their private offices can accommodate 10 or more persons with flexible rental terms. It’s situated along Prince St in Brooklyn, just 4 minutes from DeKalb Av Station and 2 minutes from NYC Fresh Market shopping center.Greendesk at 147 Prince Street

  • Private Offices starting at $974/desk

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5. 195 Broadway

Broadway office for rent – This space has a modern vibe and unique design, as well as quirky office chairs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and other amenities. This spot at 195 Broadway is best for remote workers and small teams.

This office suits a team of 8 with flexible rental terms. It’s situated along Broadway in Brooklyn, just 4 minutes from Marcy Av Station and 4 minutes from Mr. Piña shopping center.

195 Broadway office space
195 Broadway
  • Private Offices starting at $867/desk

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6. 157 13th Street

Stylish office on 157 13th St – This office space in the heart of Brooklyn offers a cozy space for your team with basic amenities like Wi-Fi, tables, and printers. This location also has restrooms, an outdoor area, and easy access to public transportation. You can also expect to be within walking distance of local coffee shops, restaurants, and stores.

157 13th St The Yard USA
The Yard at 157, 13th Street
  • Private Offices starting at $924/desk

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7. 195 Plymouth Street

Plymouth St office for rent – This spacious private office at 195 Plymouth St has a convenient location and a setting that invites contemplation. Located a few minutes away from Brooklyn Flea shopping centre, you won’t have to worry about access to shops and restaurants. Desks here cost $954 per person.

195 Plymouth St
195 Plymouth St
  • Private Offices starting at $954/desk

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8. 68 Jay Street

Simple office for rent on Jay St – Located at 68 Jay St and the neighbouring Bridge Fresh shopping centre, this simple and efficient office space is ideal for small groups and startups. Prices start at $886 per person, which is relatively cheaper compared to other office spaces in the Brooklyn area.

68 Jay St Greendesk
Greendesk at 68 Jay Street
  • Private Offices starting at $886/desk

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9. 155 Water Street

Water St office space for rent – Fall in love with this creative office space on 155 Water St, with colourful and artsy furniture design. The natural lighting and high industrial ceilings add to the vibrant atmosphere. Working here costs $972/desk.

155 Water St
155 Water St
  • Private Offices starting at $972/desk

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10. 240 Kent Avenue

Impressive office space on Kent Ave – If you enjoy city views and lots of natural light, this bright Brooklyn office space on 240 Kent Ave might be for you. This large downtown office features large windows that gives you amazing city views.

This private office is suitable for a team of 8 with flexible rental terms. It’s conveniently located along Kent Ave, just 12 minutes from Bedford Avenue Station and 6 minutes from Domino Park Greenmarket shopping center. 

240 Kent Ave Greendesk
Greendesk at 240 Kent Avenue
  • Private Offices starting at $945/desk

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11. 33 Nassau Avenue

Collaborative office space on Nassau Ave – Check out this private office 33 Nassau Ave if you’re looking to rent office space for yourself or for your small team. It can accommodate up to four people and costs only $941/desk.

33 Nassau Ave
33 Nassau Ave
  • Private Offices starting at $941/desk

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12. 43 West Street

Private sunny office on 42 West St – When in Brooklyn, choose this large private office with a stunning view of the city. This office has everything you need for a successful meeting, including conference phones, televisions, projectors, fast wireless internet, and other amenities.

42 West St Greendesk
Greendesk at 42 West Street
  • Private Offices starting at $865/desk

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13. 237 36th Street

Chic and spacious office on 36th St – This airy and bright office space at 237 36th St may be the ideal office space to kickstart your projects. Just a few minutes away from Costco Wholesale shopping centre, prices here start at $956 per desk. 

237 36th St
237 36th St
  • Private Offices starting at $956/desk

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14. 85 Delancey Street

Modern office on Delancey St – Looking to collaborate with colleagues or clients? Look no further than this sleek and modern professional conference space 85 Delancey St, which is easily accessible by public transportation. It has seating for 4 people, breakout space, and traditional office amenities.

85 Delancey St The Yard
The Yard at 85 Delancey Street
  • Private Offices starting at $882/desk

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15. 110 Wall Street

Minimalist office on Wall Street – This Brooklyn modern office space is conveniently located at 110 Wall Street and has a variety of workspaces. It offers cityscape views, plenty of natural light, and everything you need for your all-day grind. Desks here cost $890 per person.

110 Wall Street
110 Wall Street
  • Private Offices starting at $890/desk

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16. WeWork Williamsburg at 134 N. 4th St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

If you’re interested in Williamsburg, this Brooklyn coworking space is a must-visit. Situated in the heart of one of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods, it embodies the essence of modern coworking. Occupying the entire second floor of a newly constructed building, and conveniently located directly above a Whole Foods, it exemplifies contemporary workspace excellence.

WeWork Williamsburg, NYC
WeWork Williamsburg at 134 N. 4th St., Brooklyn

The relaxed ambiance here appeals to a wide range of occupants, from small enterprises to large corporations, with a significant presence in the tech sector. Additionally, the vicinity offers an abundance of dining, fitness, and entertainment options along Bedford Avenue.

17. Industrious at 1002 Dean Street #101, Brooklyn, NY

From the very beginning, Industrious stands out as a thoughtfully designed and meticulously organized coworking space in Brooklyn. It embodies the complete essence of what a top-tier coworking space should offer.

Industrious at 1002 Dean Street NYC office, coworking space
Industrious at 1002 Dean St., NYC

Industrious boasts a nationwide presence across nearly every city in the USA, ensuring consistency and quality. The workspaces themselves are exceptionally appealing and provide a comprehensive array of essential services.

18. The Yard – Gowanus at 157 13th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Nestled in Gowanus, one of Brooklyn’s rapidly expanding neighborhoods, The Yard coworking hub presents an exceptional opportunity to establish and grow your business.

The Yard - Gowanus at 157 13th St
The Yard – Gowanus at 157 13th St.

Positioned conveniently, it’s merely a 15-minute drive from downtown Brooklyn, a 23-minute commute from Manhattan’s Financial District, and less than 15 minutes away from popular destinations like Park Slope, Prospect Park, and Barclays Center.

19. The Brass Factory at 185 Wythe Ave f2, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Imagine a meticulously designed, expansive workspace adorned with lush greenery, bathed in abundant natural light, and adorned with comfortable furnishings. It’s the ideal environment that every professional dreams of.

The Brass Factory at 185 Wythe Ave f2, Brooklyn, NY 11249
The Brass Factory at 185 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn

If you’re in search of inspiration and a visually captivating ambiance, look no further than The Brass Factory. Nestled in the prime North Williamsburg area, this coworking space provides flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs, empowering you to achieve your goals.

20. Regus Brooklyn Heights at 1 Pierrepont Plaza, 12th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The versatile One Pierrepont Plaza Center in Brooklyn Heights offers a range of dynamic and vibrant workspaces. While you can expect the standard amenities like complimentary coffee and tea, high-quality Wi-Fi, and the use of a prestigious business address, what sets this place apart are the additional perks.

Regus Brooklyn Heights at 1 Pierrepont Plaza, 12th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Regus Brooklyn Heights at 1 Pierrepont Plaza

With breathtaking views of Brooklyn’s skyline and fully furnished individual and shared office spaces, you’ll find an abundance of conveniences at this premier destination. And when the workday is done or during a leisurely mid-week lunch break, members can indulge in a respite along the scenic Brooklyn Promenade, where a multitude of highly-rated waterfront restaurants await your exploration.

21. Bklyn Commons Space

Location 1: 495 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Location 2: 7 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11206

This Brooklyn-based coworking venue strikes the perfect balance between an array of amenities and services geared towards facilitating your expansion and development. Offering adaptable membership options, Bklyn Commons Brooklyn provides meticulously designed meeting rooms tailored to leave a lasting impression on your clients or team members.

Bklyn Commons Space
Bklyn Commons Space

Furthermore, Bklyn Commons Brooklyn boasts collaborations with numerous small and emerging businesses, enhancing your opportunities to forge valuable connections and broaden your professional network.

22. 100 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY 11206

100 Bogart stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of coworking, strategically positioned in the inviting Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

100 Bogart St., Brooklyn
100 Bogart St., Brooklyn

The workspaces within 100 Bogart Brooklyn are meticulously designed to ensure optimal ventilation, abundant natural light, and rigorous sanitation, creating a vibrant and uplifting environment conducive to heightened productivity.

23. WeWork at 195 Montague St., 14th floor, Brooklyn

This coworking community exudes the essence of Brooklyn, offering panoramic vistas that encompass the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Building.

WeWork at 195 Montague St.
WeWork at 195 Montague St.

Nestled within a historic neighborhood and surrounded by the green spaces and parks of Montague Street, this Brooklyn coworking space occupies four floors of the property. Its strategic location in proximity to several Brooklyn courthouses makes it a preferred choice not only for law firms but also for innovators and entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries.

24. Work Heights at 650 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn

Locally owned and operated, Work Heights provides multiple locations in some of Brooklyn’s most coveted neighborhoods, including Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, and Bed Stuy.

Work Heights at 650 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn
Work Heights at 650 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn

All of these spaces feature a minimalist, chic design, flooded with natural light, creating an ideal environment for you to concentrate on your work.

Wrapping Up

Working from home is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. There is a growing need to borrow external office space, even if only for a short period of time, particularly in major global cities such as New York City. So if you need to rent office space in Brooklyn, check out our office space listings.  

Brooklyn is not only home to tech powerhouses such as HUGE, Livestream, Etsy, and VICE, but it also has excellent incubators for startups. The borough’s attractive prices, startup culture, access to company funding, networking opportunities, and distinct neighborhoods all combine to make it an ideal location for a business to thrive. Almost any company, from a startup to a large corporation, can find a Brooklyn office that fits their culture and business needs.

Whether you’re looking for a private office for yourself, for your team, or for your entire company, we have a wide selection of private office spaces in Brooklyn for your needs. We make it simple to reserve office space so you don’t have to stress out yourself. 


Did not find what you’re looking for? Let us know your requirements and we’ll show you all the best deals in NYC. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or requests. Alternatively, you may view our map our check out our NYC office space locations here.

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