Average Coworking Space Cost Per Desk Price in Austin

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The average coworking space cost per desk price in Austin is around $225 per month for coworking memberships. This means that, within a coworking space in Austin, you’ll have access to the space’s open areas with a desk and chair to work among the other members. 

While most coworking spaces in Austin also offer Dedicated Desks and Private Offices, here, we’re only talking about the average cost of traditional coworking, otherwise known as Hot Desking. 

To further explore the range of price points you’re likely to find from a coworking space in Austin, we’re going through a top-of-the-line coworking space, a middle-of-the-road coworking space, and a cheap coworking space, in an attempt to find the average. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Most Expensive Coworking Space Austin – Industrious

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With hundreds of locations across the country and even a few locations internationally, Industrious is a large coworking company that has three locations in Austin.

It’s one of the more expensive coworking spaces in the area, but it won’t necessarily break the bank like some luxury coworking spaces you might find in New York, London, or Los Angeles. 

Starting at $300 per month for a Hot Desk membership, Industrious also offers Dedicated Desks and Private Offices with top-tier amenities for all of your workplace needs. 

Offering daily breakfast and coffee, mail and package services, a wellness room, and more, you’ll find that Industrious is a coworking space in Austin that fits the bill, even if it does require a slightly larger budget. 

Hot Desks starting at $300 per month

Dedicated Desks starting at $860 per month

Private Offices starting at $1040 per month

Reasonably Priced Coworking Space Austin – Common Desk

Common Desk coworking space in Austin

We’ve rated the Common Desk as the most reasonably priced coworking space Austin-wide because they have so many membership options, meaning you’ll only pay for exactly what you want to use. 

For example, they have student memberships if you’re looking for a space to study that’s superior to your college library for 70% less than a regular membership. They also have “Nights and Weekends” memberships that allow you to come into Common Desk only on nights and weekends while paying 30% less, perfect for night owls and moonlighters. 

You’ll also have access to team bundles, making coworking at Common Desk even more affordable for teams and their regular coworking membership is only $250 a month as it is. 

With so many options and flexible terms, it’s clear that Common Desk is the most reasonably priced coworking space in Austin.


Hot Desks starting at $250 per month

Private Offices starting at $800 per month

Most Affordable Coworking Space Austin – Createscape

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Finally, if you’re looking for a budget coworking space in Austin, Createscape is for you. They offer the full gamut of coworking options with everything from Hot Desks to Dedicated Desks to Private Offices and all the amenities you’ll need to get your job done well.

Complete with an on-site grocery store and an on-site gym, Createscape offers unmatched convenience for those who work there. In other words, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you won’t get an amazing experience. 

While they don’t have multiple locations throughout Austin, they do have premium perks like being dog-friendly, offering free coffee and tea, and giving members access to mail services and free parking. 

All in all, Createscape is cheap and does it all. It’s why it has become one of the most top-rated coworking spaces in Austin. 


Hot Desks starting at $120 per month

Dedicated Desks starting at $350 per month

Private Offices starting at $500 per month

While coworking space in Austin doesn’t vary wildly in price as they do in some other cities across the country, there are some disparities. Overall, the average coworking space cost per desk price in Austin in 2021 is about $225 per month. 

Who knows what these prices will look like in the next few years as Austin continues to grow and more people start to work remotely. But, for now, Austin continues to offer its residents relatively affordable coworking options without skimping on quality. 


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