2023 Melbourne Coworking Spaces Price Guide

Melbourne Coworking Spaces

Melbourne’s flexible office space has grown rapidly in recent years, and it now ranks second only to Sydney in terms of available floor space, with 26,295 sqm of flexible space available to rent, with traditional businesses offering 10% of this space.

In Melbourne, median rates range from $589 for 5-10 people to $650 per person for private offices for teams of 50 or more people.

When compared to the national average, Melbourne’s office breakdown by floor space and number of offices by capacity is fairly consistent. However, there are some notable differences between Melbourne and Sydney, with Melbourne having a higher proportion of available square metres and offices devoted to teams of less than 15 people. In fact, 87 percent of Melbourne’s available office space is devoted to spaces for less than 15 people, compared to 80 percent in Sydney.

Finally, when comparing prices by coworking operator versus traditional businesses, the spread between the two is far greater for private offices vs a single desk, allowing your team to snag a pretty good deal in a more traditional space if you don’t require all of the amenities of a fully serviced office. If you only need a few desks, however, using a coworking operator will save you some money.

Flex Office Rental Rates in Melbourne

Our Flexible Offices Price Table should help you pick the best office space within your budget. From 1-4 desks to 5-10 desks, here are the coworking rates in Melbourne for 2023.

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Suburb 1-4 Desks 5-10 Desks
Melbourne $628 $625
Docklands $625 $625
East Melbourne $913 $840
Carlton $541 $935
Southbank $748 $443
Collingwood $534 $600
Fitzroy $600 $600
Cremorne $810 $872
Richmond $1,100 $840
Kew $476 $702
St Kilda $500 $459
South Yarra $413 $500
Hawthorn $592 $900
Port Melbourne $694
Brighton $632 $596
Malvern East $500 $560
Moorabbin $583
Mount Waverly $349 $558
Oakleigh South $325
Dingley Village $500 $232
Dandenong $566 $569
Bonbeach $460
Hallam $498 $344
Heidelberg $371 $559
Sunshine $582 $489
South Melbourne $667 $600


How Flexible Workspaces Can Help You Save Millions wework-coworking-space-melbourne (1)

WeWork Coworking Space

Using CBRE’s industry calculator, a 10-person company looking to grow by 20% over the next three years will pay in the range of $1.7 million to lease and fit-out their own office space over three years, which they may outgrow in the near future.

In comparison, a flexible space offers private office space starting at $750/month per desk, with the option to add more or move to a larger office as they grow.

The same 10-person business with 20% growth will pay an estimated $420,000 over the next three years – a savings of more than $1.2 million.

Both of these prices include all bills and fit-outs, but flexible workspaces in Melbourne have additional advantages.

Regular professional and personal development events, networking, member happiness events to aid in employee retention, exercise and rest areas, meeting room use, and the benefit of a hosted concierge desk are all included in the total cost.

Benefits of  Flexible Workspaces in Melbourne

justco coworking space melbourne
Justco Coworking Space


What does your team look like in the next 24 months if you’re a part of a scaling or growing business in Melbourne?

If you intend to expand or even reduce the size of your team during that time, being locked into an inflexible lease in Melbourne can result in you either paying more than you need to for extra space or being unable to grow your business as needed due to a lack of space or resources.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about facilities and utilities. Utilities are becoming increasingly expensive, particularly at the corporate level. By arranging private agreements with companies and suppliers, you may expose yourself to surprisingly high usage and connection fees, depending on the size and needs of your organization.

This does not include the additional hidden costs of maintenance and repairs, furnishing your workspace with desks and chairs, bringing in and maintaining plants (which have been shown to improve your team’s happiness and productivity), and ensuring everything runs smoothly, and all bills are paid on time.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to finding the right space for your business, you’re probably considering a number of different factors. What kind of atmosphere do you want the office to have, and what kinds of amenities do you want it to have? Will you be downsizing or upsizing in the next year or so? What kind of neighbourhood do you want to live in?

Coworking spaces in Melbourne provide numerous social and logistical advantages. While all of these factors contribute to a thriving workplace and workforce. The underlying factor for which space you select will most likely be what fits within your budget.

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