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Brooklyn, New York is on its way to becoming a hot office market in New York City. Companies looking to optimize for social distancing benefit from Brooklyn office space’s relative spaciousness when compared to Manhattan office space. Furthermore, rents in the Brooklyn, NY office market are significantly lower, which is good news for companies looking to cut costs. Coworking spaces in Brooklyn are a viable option for office space for New York-based companies on a budget.

The Future of Hybrid Work and Other Coworking Trends

camp david coworking space in brooklyn, new york
Camp David Coworking Space in Brooklyn, New York


Let’s face it: even though many people have returned to their pre-pandemic jobs, there has been an undeniable shift in workplace culture. According to a LaSalle Network Survey, 70 per cent of business leaders planned to have employees back in the office by the fall, but 77 per cent of respondents believed their workforce would use a hybrid model.

In support of those findings, a recent Work Design article stated that the coworking market is growing because the concept of the office is evolving, and increased flexibility and agility is a key component of that evolution. 

In this post-pandemic environment, many professionals have figured out how to work productively from home—or at least close to home—and are choosing not to return to the office full-time. People want to spend less time commuting to work, and the rise of coworking appears to make this a more attainable goal for many.

Coworking spaces can help some small businesses, startups, and freelancers cut costs by providing flexible contracts and high-quality office amenities without long-term commitments in an uncertain market. It stands to reason that the pandemic could cause a reshuffling of buildings and office space in the city center.

Current Coworking Landscape in Brooklyn

green desk coworking space in brooklyn, new york
Green Desk Flexible Office Spaces in Brooklyn, NYC


New York City is the world’s coworking epicenter. Every Brooklyn Coworking Space in NYC is further inspired by this amazing culture and how it can help businesses thrive. Did you know that WeWork was founded in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood? Yes, WeWork was founded in Brooklyn. A city with an exquisite landscape and boundless creativity. A city where your imagination can take you anywhere, a city where entrepreneurship is just around the corner. Brooklyn’s coworking culture provides every business owner with a proactive platform. Coworking spaces are frequently home to a large number of startups and businesses. It could be a dedicated team, a freelance designer, a software development company’s team, or a small advertising agency.

Brooklyn has a diverse selection of coworking spaces. Every corner, block, and street has a shared work hub that helps its members collaborate and grow with one another. Whether you are a freelancer or have recently left a 9-5 job, the Brooklyn coworking space is the best place to begin a new journey. NYC is a place where people come to realize their dreams; it is a place where everything appears to be possible. Brooklyn’s real estate scene is brimming with coworking spaces; let’s get to know the city’s top ones as well as a few unique workspaces.

Top Coworking Spaces in Brooklyn

594 Dean St Industrious USA 11238
Industrious 594 Dean St., Brooklyn NY

1. Industrious – Brooklyn

​​This light-filled space, charmingly nestled between the brownstones of Prospect Park, is sure to keep your entire team energized and inspired. A variety of amenities and spaces are available, including high-tech conference rooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, and more, so you can get down to business no matter what’s on the agenda.

regus coworking flexible offices new york usa
Regus Dumbo Flexible Office Space

2. Regus – Dumbo

Dumbo is Brooklyn’s tech leader, with the highest concentration of tech firms in the city. You and your team will discover an ideal location as well as spaces that are designed to make an impression. Enjoy the flexibility you need to meet the demands of the day, as well as all of the amenities and service you expect to keep your team productive and energized.

Bat Haus Coworking Space NYC (1)
Bat Haus Coworking Space NYC

3. Bat Haus Coworking

Bat Haus Coworking fosters a productive environment in which the community can work efficiently and collaboratively. The space is open during business hours and offers tours of its coworking spaces to visitors.

Bat Haus Coworking offers guests fast internet access as well as a kitchen, lounge, backyard access, and printing and scanning facilities. There are also conference rooms available for those who want to organize presentations and meetings with their teams.

The space offers several plans to guests, ranging from day passes with 10-hour access to the “full” pass, which includes access to the on-site conference rooms.

WeWork Dock 72 the Brooklyn Navy Yard Brooklyn New York
WeWork Dock 72, Brooklyn, New York

4. WeWork Brooklyn

WeWork Brooklyn is part of an international network of coworking spaces located all over the world. At the time of writing, there are 5 WeWork locations in Brooklyn. WeWork provides flexible workspaces that are popular among entrepreneurs and remote working professionals. You can choose from private office spaces, hot desks in common areas, and dedicated desk spaces.

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll show you all the best flex office spaces available in Brooklyn, NY. Chat with our office space specialist today!

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