Downtown Denver, USA

Denver is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and one of America’s original Old West towns. It is now a thriving economic and administrative centre, enticing many to establish and maintain their professional lives here. Beautiful weather, world-class restaurants and nightclubs, and thriving arts and music scene all contribute to the impression that this is a growing city.

Denver is synonymous with creativity, and what could be more creative these days than being an entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup founder? But what is the future of coworking in Denver this 2022 and what changes can we expect?  

Denver’s Coworking Footprint Post Pandemic

downtown denver usa
Downtown Denver USA

According to a new CBRE analysis, Denver’s coworking space inventory has decreased by 8.7 per cent since the pandemic, bringing the city’s inventory to 2.6 million square feet.

This decrease is being mirrored throughout the rest of the country, with the entire country reducing 9 per cent of coworking inventory since the pandemic began in early 2020. At the moment, the total inventory is slightly more than 80 million square feet.

Coworking operators suffered greatly as a result of the widespread shift to working from home during the pandemic’s onset. Coworking spaces were places of high density and open layouts known for their close quarters just before the world ended. Even after some restrictions were lifted, many of these spaces had to adapt to physical separation and sanitation guidelines in order for members to feel safe.

Despite the fact that Denver’s coworking footprint has shrunk, Denver has the seventh-highest percentage of coworking space in the United States.

Flexible office space can be an asset to a company’s real estate portfolio. It allows for quick expansion and contraction, which is critical as businesses implement hybrid work strategies and assess how their employees will use the office in the future.

As a result of companies shifting their return-to-work strategies, CBRE predicts that the coworking industry will see significant growth in both occupancy and square footage throughout the year.

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Changes in Denver Workspaces Post Pandemic 

Despite being permitted to reopen at 50% capacity, some local businesses are hesitant to return to their offices—and many others are already consolidating, adapting, or moving to coworking spaces. So here are some of the changes users of coworking spaces should expect.

covid precaution for coworking spaces

1. Health is the number one priority. 

Most businesses are preparing for the short term by putting up signs reminding employees to wash their hands and maintain social distance. Some companies plan to raise panel heights to create more of a barrier between employees, expand workspaces, and use low-cost solutions to get to the next stage of reopening. 

2. The mask mandate is set to expire in early 2022.

In Denver, masks may still be required in some places after the mask mandate expires in early 2022. It will mainly be up to businesses to implement health protocols. For instance, attendees may still be required to wear a mask at a corporate event.

With covid-constraints in mind, some businesses have chosen to expand their footprints, while others have consolidated their footprints and moved to coworking spaces.

thrive workspace coworking in denver
Thrive Workspace Denver

3. Flexibility is key. 

Given the uncertainty of the future, many businesses are embracing flexible lease terms. Businesses can use a coworking space on a monthly or annual basis rather than signing a five- to ten-year lease. Grants and loans are available for businesses that are struggling to pay their rent. Some businesses have been negotiating lease terms with their landlords one-on-one.

Best Coworking Spaces in Denver in 2022

Creative Density at 800 Grant St., Denver

1. Creative Density

Creative Density Coworking is a fantastic coworking space in Denver with a relaxed vibe. It’s ideal for a wide range of tasks. They have areas where you can relax and converse with other people in the space, as well as quiet focus areas where you can focus without being distracted.

Alchemy Creative Workspace at 66 S Logan St., Denver USA

2. Alchemy Creative Workspace 

Alchemy Creative Workspace, located in Denver’s West Wash Park & Baker neighbourhood, combines all of the amenities of an urban coworking space with the elegance of a community environment away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

wework denver colorado coworking spaces for rent
WeWork Denver

3. WeWork  

WeWork The Lab is a true group collaboration space. Teams can work in a variety of settings, including meeting rooms, common areas, and outdoor areas. At this trendy, energetic, and full of Denver’s best startup talent coworking space in Denver, there will always be opportunities to connect and interact with like-minded individuals.

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