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Dallas is home to many of the country’s most successful business stories. Nearly two dozen Fortune 500 companies from every industry, including AT&T and American Airlines, have their headquarters in the area. The city is home to 25 billionaires and more than 50 colleges and universities, which produce a steady stream of new talent.

As the landscape changes, so does the demand for more agile and flexible office spaces. Small teams, young businesses, and established companies looking to open new offices are looking for inspiring places to work more than ever.

Dallas was an early adopter of the coworking trend. Today, the city has over 40 coworking spaces spread throughout the city’s most prestigious locations and iconic structures. Knowing which coworking space is best for your company can help you make the most of everything this city has to offer.  You can look through the most awesome coworking spaces in Dallas below.

1. Common Desk

Common Desk coworking spaces
100 Common Desk, Dallas Pkwy Ste


Common Desk is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Dallas, with 7 locations. Their locations range from Addison to Fort Worth, and from Granite Park to Plano, effectively covering the entire Dallas metropolitan area.

Common Desk is known not only for spreading its wings throughout the city, but also for providing all of the amenities expected of an exclusive office. These include mail service, reception desks, printing facilities, conference rooms, and above all, the ability to eat whatever and whenever you want. It’s an open buffet, and if you eat too much for the day, the treadmill desk waits patiently for you to climb on.

The pricing structure varies depending on your needs. The Hospitality suite will cost $7500 per month and will be nothing less than a standard office space. In addition, you can select from a variety of private offices starting at $900 per month. The dedicated desks are $450 per month and the shared desks are $225 for one month. Night owls and weekend workers can rent the space for $150 per month.

Common Desk is currently available in four locations: Deep Ellum, 2919 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas; and Oak Cliff, 633 W Davis Street, Dallas, Texas. Aside from these four, three more common desk coworking spaces are set to open in Dallas’ Addison, Factory SIXO3, and Trammel Crow Center neighborhoods.

2. Industrious

Industrious dallas usa coworking and shared offices for rent or lease
400 Industrious Pkwy Suite, Dallas USA


A city known for its fast-growing entrepreneurial ventures and budding young tech-savvy enthusiasts is complemented by Industrious coworking spaces. Because of the city’s emerging business-friendly climate, Industrious has become one of the most sought-after coworking spaces in Dallas.

Industrious coworking Dallas offers free high-speed internet, conference rooms, lounges and a coffee bar, power nap rooms, and, most importantly, free printing services.

Flexi desk space starts at $522 per month, and private offices in the midst of an inspiring community of freelancers and organizational employees start at $833 per month, increasing with each consecutive employee.

Industrious coworking spaces has a Dallas location at 1722 Routh Street Suite 900 Dallas Texas.

3. Serendipity Labs

serendipity labs coworking spaces in dallas

Because of its work, live, and play attributes, serendipity labs exudes uniqueness. It is the most sought-after coworking space in Dallas due to its large boardrooms and event spaces. The culture of this coworking space attracts the majority of its members, and many freelancers and entrepreneurs have found a ray of hope for success under its inspiring abode.

From high-security enterprise solutions to entertainment and infotainment spaces, Serendipity Labs represents the true nature of what a coworking space should be. Coffee, snacks, and printing services are also available.

The monthly cost of a coworking desk ranges from $49 to $299, depending on the number of visits. The monthly subscription price for dedicated desk space is only $399 per month, and the monthly subscription price for dedicated offices and team rooms ranges from $850 to $2,999.

4. Spaces

wework coworking spaces in dallas

Spaces originated in Amsterdam and has left an indelible mark on the city. It is not just a place to plug in and start dribbling with the keyboard; rather, the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the spaces makes it the most sought after coworking space in Dallas.

Spaces provides a one-of-a-kind combination of basic office necessities and effective features. Its Think Outside the Box toolkit has been credited with inspiring users to be creative and come up with novel ideas. They also provide expert technical support to assist you in an unexpected situation. You can also use a variety of professional meeting rooms.

The monthly membership fee for a shared desk starts at $250. If you prefer to work alone, the dedicated space is your best bet, but it will cost you $375 per month. Privacy seekers can rent their own exclusive offices for $650 per month. They do, however, provide a one-day free trial, so it is better to give it a try.


5. WeWork

wework coworking spaces in dallas

WeWork’s Dallas Coworking space has the most beautiful offices and coworking spaces, which is why WeWork is known for transcending the workspace culture throughout the city.

WeWork Dallas focuses on providing a welcoming environment for their members, and internet and coffee have become standard features in every coworking space. They also provide global connectivity platforms, private phone booths, mailing services, and industrial grade printing.

WeWork also allows you to set up your own office headquarters, which will be occupied solely by your employees. Other spaces, such as shared, dedicated, and private offices, require monthly payments of $350, $500, and $700, respectively.

Wrapping Up

Dallas has been extremely adaptable to the new working trend, and as a result, many coworking spaces are now a part of the city’s startup ecosystem. Coworking space demand is increasing, as is supply. If you’re thinking of joining a coworking space, simply choose one from the above list of the best shared offices in Dallas to get started.

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