Who Are Private Office Spaces For?

private office for rent
Private offices cater to a wide range of people and businesses

You might think it’s illogical to rent a private office space instead of staying at home and working remotely during the pandemic. But private office spaces have proven to be useful to businesses and companies during these difficult times. You should think about the advantages, especially if you feel that you need an ideal office environment.

While working from home has been a great way to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, nothing compares to the focus, productivity, and other advantages that come with working in a private office setting.

What Is a Private Office Space? 

private office for rent
One of the key benefits of private office for rent is privacy.

A private office is a facility that is segregated from other businesses and out of sight. Private offices, as opposed to open offices, provide organizations with greater space, privacy, and a quieter working atmosphere.

Private offices are available in serviced, leased, and subleased office spaces. These workspaces all come with a variety of services to match your company’s needs. Serviced, leased, managed, and subleased offices are the four basic types of private offices available for rent.

  • Serviced offices: A serviced office is one that is already set up and ready to use when you arrive. The space is fully furnished and equipped with everything a business needs, from broadband to reception services, so all you need to do is pack up and move in.
  • Managed offices: Managed offices, also known as bespoke or customisable offices, are a flexible alternative to serviced offices. They are still managed by a third party and paid for in an all-inclusive monthly fee, but they allow much more flexibility in terms of fit out and branding.
  • Leased offices: Unlike serviced offices, leased offices are delivered in “Grade A” condition, which means the tenant must equip the space and install their own internet, cabling, and walls for conference rooms, breakout areas, and other amenities. As a result, leased offices have greater initial set-up costs than serviced offices.
  • Subleased: A subleased office allows a tenant to rent a leased office for a shorter, more flexible length of time while still receiving all of the benefits of a typical leased office at a lower cost.

Who Benefits From a Private Office Space? 

private office for rent
Who uses private office for rent?

A private office is for companies looking for a workspace that provides separation from other firms, allowing for confidential work and a quiet work atmosphere so employees can work on their own place.

Aside from businesses aiming for privacy and productivity, here are the other people and organizations that will benefit from this work setup:

  • Freelancers from various industries
  • Remote employees on a temporary or permanent WFH setup
  • Small teams looking for easy collaboration
  • Professionals, such as lawyers, psychologists, doctors, etc
  • Businesses looking for a workspace to house employees that cannot be accommodated due to occupancy limits

Reasons your business needs a private office space

1. Sense of Privacy

To begin with, private office spaces are by definition private. If your company deals with highly sensitive information or has non-disclosure agreements with clients, a private office may be the best option.

Clients nowadays prefer that their personal information remain private at all times. And having a private office takes care of that. Only you and the others who have access to your rented private office space will see that information.

2. More Control

You will have more influence over the design and function of your office if you have your own space. You can make the place your own by personalizing it. You also have more control over keeping things clean and organized, which helps you work more efficiently.

3. Minimal Distractions

Everybody works in a different way. Some people prefer to work in close quarters with their coworkers, while others prefer to work alone. A private office may help you focus and be more productive if you’re having trouble concentrating on your task.

Being in your own place allows you to shut out distractions that could otherwise impede you from completing your tasks. While you’re working, you won’t have to worry about people coming by your desk or asking questions, allowing you more time to focus on your to-do list.

4. Shared Amenities

Even though you have your own office, you can still use the shared amenities that are available to everyone in the flexible workspace. Your monthly price usually includes access to conference rooms and equipment, refreshment stations, internet, printers, copiers, and fax machines. Furthermore, you will not be responsible for your own office furniture.

You get all of the privacy, customization, and advantages of having your own office, but without the high overhead that eats into your budget.

5. Save Costs with Flexible Lease Term

Leasing private office space is one method to maintain a physical workplace while saving money. Private office providers frequently provide flexible leasing terms, which may be advantageous to your company. Depending on your business demands, they will allow you to have a short-term or long-term leasing deal.

In a private office, the minimum contract period is entirely dependent on the available space. Some offices demand you to stay for at least a year, while others allow you to stay for as little as a month, depending on the type of office.

6. Health and Wellness

When you’re working from home, you’re surrounded by the same walls and scenery all day. Isn’t it exhausting? It’s also harmful to your emotional wellness and can lead to burnout. 

A private office space provides a pleasant change of environment that may help you improve your general work ethic. It allows you to feel like you’re getting back into the swing of things while still following the health and safety standards in place during the pandemic.

Renting a workspace where you can concentrate is a great way to stay focused and get ready for the day’s activities.

Wrapping Up

private office for rent
Private offices allow you to focus on running your business instead of running your office

The fact that every part of your office is managed for you is perhaps the most notable benefit of having a private office space within a coworking setting. You won’t have to worry about printing costs, maintenance, or the internet. You don’t have to think about several utility bills. You won’t have to worry about replenishing the coffee bar or emptying the trash cans.

You can focus exclusively on your clients because there are no time-consuming activities on your end. You can concentrate on what you’re good at, and the rest will take care of itself.

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